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Is Diabetes related to nerves damage?

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Is Diabetes related to nerves damage?

Malaysia is famous for its scrumptious local and street food. Names like nasi lemak, roti canai, char kuey teow, assam laksa, rojak, cendol and many names are common among the locals. Malaysians love their sugar too. The amount of sugar in drinks in white coffee, teh tarik, nescafe and condensed milk is unbelievable. For that, many Malaysians are over weight and obese. Even though heart attack is the silent killer but another silent killer is on the prowl. Diabetes nerve damage.

I am obese and for those who followed me on my blog and my Facebook Page know it. I did a blood check-up recently and I have no diabetes.
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I know quite a number of friends and family having diabetes (and genetic diabetes). Some had their toes chopped off and some having daily issues that is not told or related. Most common problem of diabetes is the burning sensation on leg. For your info, diabetes can cause nerve damage symptoms and they are a pain in the butt. Now, there is a way to reverse it (or at least to heal the diabetes!

There are ways to increase damaged nerve regeneration and reduce nerve damage symptoms. With Live-well MECOMIN, the period of time needed to see the effect is very much dependent on the severity of nerve damage; the duration of time since one started to experience symptoms, number of symptoms experienced, frequency of symptoms occurrence – all will determine the severity of nerve damage. Hence, I would strongly recommend that a professional’s opinion should be consulted before consuming the product.

Just so you know, Live-well MECOMIN contains mecobalamin, the neurologically-active form of Vitamin B12 vital to the central and peripheral nervous system.
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Mecobalamin protects against neurological (nerve) disease and has the ability to regenerate damaged nerves in people (especially diabetics) with peripheral nerve damage. Remember, having supplement doesn’t mean you have the passport to eat whatever you like. You still need to have proper blood sugar control – diet, exercise and medicine to prevent further deterioration of peripheral nerve.

My friends have been taking the medication deligently for 2 months. Now my friends can lead a healthier lifestyle without having to worry about foot injuries leading to infection as their nerves are more receptive. They also have less complaint for foot numbness and hence are more willing to be active.



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