December 9, 2022

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4. Scenic Railway

It is hard to explain the thrill of this railway as this is the steepest passenger railway in the world. This is not a theme park and the 52 degree incline riding is one of the most entertaining rides of my life. It looks scary but it is not when you ride on it.

Why is it scary? Let me show the how steep this railway with a picture taken from far (at Three Sisters View Point).

This Scenic Railway has come a long way. From manually operated to fully automated operated, the history of this railway dated since 1945. Thus, it offers a thrilling experience with glass roofed red carriages offering views of the rainforest and the Jamison Valley.

This custom made carriages allow passengers to adjust their seated position up to 20 degrees so you get a “Cliffhanger” ride at a steep 64 degrees incline or “Laid Back” mode. The “Original” is at 52 degrees

The carriage descends 310 metres through a cliff side tunnel right to the Jamison Valley floor. The railway has thrilled over 25 million passengers and this is the fifth version of the trains made to ride the tracks since the Hammon family opened the attraction.

It can carry up to 84 passengers and the train departs every ten minutes.

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