May 28, 2022

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Hatyai ASEAN Night Market

Traditionally, Malaysians and Singaporeans travelled to Hatyai for shopping. The tradition continues and one of the best places for shoppers is the ASEAN night market. It is located at Chotiwittayakul 4 Alley near Central Festival Mall and 3D Eye Magic Museum.
hatyai asean night market
It is a weekend night market and it is one of the largest in Southern Thailand. There are plenty things to do here, there are local street food as well as scrumptious local Thai desserts.
hatyai asean night market fried chicken
Please do take note that some of the food sellers are Muslims so their food is Halal without certification. Southern Thailand has a huge population of Muslims so for Muslim travellers, you do not have to worry about your food especially in Hatyai or ASEAN Night Market.
hatyai asean night market insects
For some exotic food, you can try fried insects here (or many parts of Thailand). It is similar to your junk food but they used insects instead. You get fried worms, fried cockroaches and fried grasshoppers. Each of them is crunchy and sometimes you will get the legs stuck in between your teeth if you are lucky.
hatyai asean night market female fashion
There is more good news for ladies with many shops selling clothes and accessories. If you are not sure how to match them, they help you. You don’t pay extra for the extra service and please bear in mind, this is a night market. You will get the help all you need and most of the prices of the clothes and accessories in ASEAN night market are very affordable comparing to Malaysia and Singapore.
hatyai asean night market undergarments
Ladies can get cheap undergarments here as well. You just need to venture around and you will find something you like.

For men, you still find many clothes in the night market. For big sizes person like me, getting the right size is slightly tougher but you will get one or two. Prices are reasonable and you can bargain with them depending how many items you purchased from them.
hatyai asean night market ladies fashion
Expect to spend at least an hour or two and if you really want to explore the night market, it should take longer time. The best way to get to here is by tuk tuk or taxi or you can walk from Central Festival Mall or 3D Eye Museum but it will take some time.


Hatyai ASEAN Night Market Address and GPS:

Chotiwittayakul 4 Alley

Songhkla THAILAND 90110

GPS: 6.993820, 100.486056



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