January 29, 2023

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Have a BIGGER BREAK, Have a Kit Kat Chunky!

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Have a BIGGER BREAK, Have a Kit Kat Chunky!

Malaysia is a great country to live in and travelled if you put work aside. Malaysians are workaholics! 75 % Malaysians overworked by at least 2 hours overtime and there are 40% work related illnesses caused by work stress. 60% workers don’t spend enough time with family and that figure including me and Rachel. Most Malaysians work on holidays and same goes to me. I work everywhere whenever I have my smart phone with me.

Many people thought that I am a full time blogger. No, that is wrong. Blogging is not my full time job. It is more like a hobby for me instead of getting involved in expensive hobbies, drinking or smoking. It is looks fun to travel for free but there is no such thing as free lunch.

In this few years, I have been travelling more often than my entire life as I received many media trips, sponsored trips, paid trips and my personal trips. As a father of a young child and my full time work, it restricted my travelling schedule but I have no complains. There are priorities in life and there is nothing better than being a father spending quality times with my child.

I travelled to Australia, Thailand and Macau so far and recently due to illness I missed my trip to Oman. At work, I am getting more projects and at home, I have to spend quality times with my son. When things seem like getting out of hands, I always have a Bigger Break. Yes, a bigger break with a Kit Kat chunky.

Judging from my size, it is obvious that Kit Kat is one of my favourite food. I will try different flavours when I travelled around but at home and at work, Kit Kat Chunky is the ideal bigger break for me.

If you have a rough day or your boss goes cranky, don’t worry just have a Kit Kat Chunky and get a Bigger Break!

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