February 9, 2023

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Unique Patisserie Malaysian Food Blue Mountains

The weirdest place to have Malaysian food in New South Wales Australia must be Katoomba in Blue Mountains. Why you want to have Malaysian food in Blue Mountains? Didn’t you have enough Malaysian food in Malaysia? Well, that is true but the story goes like this.

Earlier this year, I brought my mother to her first visit to New South Wales. We spent more than a week in Sydney and on the last few days of our trip, we travelled up to the beautiful Blue Mountains. As recommended by the locals and my mother’s craving for local Malaysian food, we went to Unique Patisserie in Katoomba.

The restaurant is located 169, Katoomba St, the main street and it is specializes in cakes and desserts. It is owned by a Malaysian couple and they have been working in many five star hotels in Malaysia and Australia. The husband, a pastry chef won multiple awards for his skills in cake craftsmanship while the wife expertise in Malaysian food.

While they display many cakes and desserts, we went there for the Malaysian food only. We also trust local recommendations so we started off with the curry mee. The owner told us that the taste of the curry has been localised so it is not as spicy like the ones from Penang. Hence, it is near to impossible to find “siham” (cockles) so they replaced it with other ingredients. Even though the taste of the curry has been localised but it is still good. It might lose the “kick” but you can find love in that bowl of curry mee.

Next was the nasi lemak. Their version of nasi lemak is missing the fried anchovies but replaced with “acar” salad and papadom. You still get the crunchy texture with papadom but definitely missing the salty taste. Their sambal is not that spicy but you will still adore this plate of nasi lemak. Thus, the taste of this nasi lemak will not disappoint you with coconut rice, the freshly cut cucumbers, “acar” salad, fried chicken, sambal and peanuts. This is the most popular food in Malaysia.

Lastly, the star of this restaurant should goes to the assam laksa. Voted as top seven food in the world by CNNGO, assam laksa is the pride of Malaysian food. It is a bowl of multiple layers of ingredients, the thick savoury shrimp paste with bits of pineapple, shallots, onions, sardine or mackerel and many more. Their version of assam laksa comes with thick gravy and heavily influenced by the shrimp paste which I loved it. It was so good, we went there twice! This is definitely the best assam laksa I’ve eaten in Australia and comparable with some of the best in Malaysia. If you are in Katoomba Blue Mountains, you should drop by for a bowl of assam laksa. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Unique Patisserie Blue Mountains Address, Telephone and Contact:

169 Katoomba St, Katoomba, New South Wales 2780

Tel: +61 2 4782 7887

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