February 5, 2023

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Weekend Dim Sum at Xin Cuisine Concorde Hotel

What is the common food to eat for breakfast during weekend for Chinese community? It is yum char (drink tea) or dim sum with family. It is a traditional weekend family get together activity everywhere else in the world. You probably seen it in TVB dramas from Hong Kong but the truth is even the Chinese community in USA, Canada or Australia, dim sum is always the first choice for weekend breakfast. It is the same in Malaysia too especially in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia’s version of dim sum is slightly different than the rest of the world. You can find more varieties of dim sum and it usually comes with sweet sauce and chilli sauce as most Malaysians prefer their food rich in flavour.

Dim sum is available in dim sum speciality restaurants or Chinese restaurants. One of the best Chinese restaurants in the city for dim sum is Xin Cuisine at Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur. They have been around for some time and they are one of the few Chinese restaurants in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur that offers non halal Chinese food. Thus, I have visited the restaurant for more than 15 years.  Recently, I revisited the restaurant with my family.

Xin Cuisine offers a very comfortable traditional Chinese ambience such as pillars curled with golden dragons. Now, that is a rare sight and you will be spoilt by their friendly waiters and waitresses.

We ordered quite a lot of dim sum. They are prawn dumpling, king siew mai, siew mai, Chinese pastry dumpling, steamed pork rib, steamed fish ball, scallop dumpling, BBQ pork bun, bacon roll and beancurd roll. The size of the most dim sum is reasonably large and the taste is delightful.

Their scallop dumpling comes with a generous piece of scallop and also the transparent “crystal” skin. You can taste the freshness of the scallop and this is good.

If you want some real good egg tarts, you should try theirs. Crispy outer crust with smooth egg fillings, once you tasted it, you will order for more.

For pork lovers, you should order their bacon roll. It is pork dim sum rolled with bacon and steamed to perfection.

Lao sa bun might looks like an ordinary bun you won’t believe what it is until you took a bite. Lao sa bun or some called it custard egg bun is popular among Malaysians.

Within the soft bun it the custard egg yolk filling. The taste might be unfamiliar for Westerners but Asians love it. Once you took a bite of this lao sa bun, the filling will surprise you.

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