May 31, 2023

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Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea at Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang

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Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea at Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang

If you run out of idea where to eat for breakfast in Kuala Lumpur city center, you should look for local food like Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea. It is a small tea stall in Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang in Imbi and they are no stranger for locals.

Ah Weng Koh (Brother Ah Weng) offers Hainanese style tea which is thick and strong in flavour. It is usually comes in a set with toast of butter and kaya (egg coconut jam). Thus, it is one of the finest Hainanese style teas in the city and that’s why the place is often packed. Even though the shop next door sells similar tea, it is Ah Weng Koh that is always packed.

Simple food like bread toast made to perfection. The bread toast usually best eaten with half boiled egg. Since I am not a big fan of half boiled egg, I didn’t order it. Half boiled eggs will be battered and compliment with light soy sauce and white pepper. Then, you eat the battered egg with toast bread. It is a common Malaysian Chinese traditional breakfast, simple and nice. The older generations will usually drink “kopi-o” (black coffee with sugar) with the toast set.

Ah Weng Koh only operates during morning session until brunch. However the food stalls nearby will close when they sold out their food. Some of the food you should take notice is the curry mee, wantan mee and the yong tau fu. They are equally good.

Going to Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang is trickier now due to the road closures (MRT works). Thus, remember to follow the road signs and navigate yourself to the market and it will be a longer route.


Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea Address:

Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea

Imbi Market (Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang)

Jalan Melati, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.14340, 101.71664

Hours: breakfast and brunch

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