June 22, 2024


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Premier Clinic, a premium aesthetic clinic opens in TTDI

Renowned aesthetic chain owner opens Premier Clinic, a premium aesthetic clinic

Introduces FDA approved Vanquish, a new way to blast fat using RF technology

Renowned aesthetic physician Dr Chen Tai Ho has today announced the opening of the first Premier Clinic outlet in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
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The new Premier Clinic is an upcoming premium aesthetic clinic chain dedicated to enhancing lives and inspiring hope and confidence by helping people attain their desired outlook.

In conjunction with the opening, Premier Clinic is featuring the latest breakthrough fat-blasting technology that can help build or restore confidence without surgery or downtime, called The Vanquish.

The Vanquish is a device based on a new radio frequency (RF) system that heats up fat cells at the treatment area at the temperature of 40°C – 45°C.

“At this temperature, fat cells are damaged and undergo a process called “apoptosis”, or programmed cell death, while the surrounding tissue remains unaffected. With apoptosis, fat cells will slowly die off within the next few months and will be purged by the body’s immune system. The result is a safe and natural decrease in the adipose tissue layer,” explained Dr. Chen, Director of Premier Clinic.
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On average, a patient can lose up to two inches or more in about four to six sessions, each lasting 30 minutes.

Dr. Chen noted that Malaysia has been ranked the fattest country in South-East Asia and the sixth in the Asia-Pacific Region.

According to a new study published last month by a British medical journal The Lancet, overweight and obesity problems affected roughly 45.3% of Malaysia’s population, followed by South Korea (33.2%), Pakistan (30.7%) and China (28.3%).

Findings from The Lancet also showed that 49% of women and 44% of men in Malaysia were found to be obese.

“Being overweight or obese can have devastating effects on one’s physical and mental wellbeing and puts one at risk of serious health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. People with weight problems also tend to develop low self-esteem and confidence issues,” he said.

Dr. Chen also shared that the Premier Clinic chain targets a niche and affluent market and aspires to advance the care and treatment of patients in the areas of aesthetic medicine through an array of premium services delivered in a private and comfortable environment.
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“Here at the Premier clinic, we put our patients first. Their safety, comfort and privacy are our top priority. On top of that, we take pride in our achievements in making patients feel good about themselves,” he enthused.

The Premier Clinic also provides a comprehensive range of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and advanced laser treatments such as Botox, Skin Peels and Derma Fillers.

A second Premier Clinic outlet is set to open in Bangsar by the end of the year.

At the opening, guests were taken on a tour inside the brand new facility to get a sense of what the clinic has to offer.

Popular singers Chris Lay and Catherine Yee Yean San thenpumped up the celebrative mood as they entertained the guests with their spirited performances.

Premier Clinic is another sign of the booming of medical tourism in Klang Valley. The introduction of the Vanquish machine into the country indicates that Premier Clinic is committed to invest and bring the latest technology to the country for medical tourism.

About Premier Clinic

Here at the Premier Clinic, we go by the motto: “Enhance, but preserve the natural beauty.”

Beauty breeds confidence and confidence is a choice. We believe that it is everyone’s right to be beautiful! We strive to help you achieve the kind of beauty that you desire. We view “Aesthetics” as both an art and a science that is why we keep abreast with the latest in aesthetic technology.

Premier Clinic is located strategically in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, providing a comprehensive range of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and advanced laser treatments.

Equipped with cutting edge procedures, technology and expert doctors with specialized knowledge in aesthetics, Premier Clinic provides top notch aesthetic services to our clients from both local and regional markets.

Whether you are new or not to aesthetic procedures, we will ensure you feel comfortable and well taken care of. Our doctors are ready to provide you with consultations and recommendations for suitable treatment options in order to help you set and reach your aesthetic goal. Good results, safety and comfort are our utmost concern.

Website: www.premier-clinic.com

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