December 1, 2023


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Restoran 12 Mixed Rice Taman Cheras

What happened when you ran out of ideas of what to eat? You go to a mixed rice stall or restaurant. Chinese mixed rice stall or restaurant is very popular among the locals as you will be spoilt by choices. You will not worry what to have but what to choose.
restoran 12 mixed rice yulek
Chinese mixed rice in Kuala Lumpur is extremely popular during lunch and dinner hour because everything is ready to pick and it is very convenient. It is like a fast food as you pick your rice/porridge/noodle and pick your dishes and pay at the counter with your drink. Basically, you do not need to go for the hassle of food ordering and food waiting.
restoran 12 mixed rice food
In Taman Cheras or Taman Yulek, there is a new mixed rice restaurant by the name of Restoran 12. It is one of their few branches in Klang Valley but it is a great addition to Taman Yulek. The restaurant is located at Jalan Kaskas, opposite of 7 Eleven (Glutton Street).
restoran 12 mixed rice plate
The crowd is pretty good during dinner time as I mentioned, mixed rice is convenient and fast. Their prices are quite reasonable and you get quite a vast of choices of the food. No complains.

Restoran 12 Mixed Rice Taman Cheras Address:

Jalan Kaskas (opposite 7 Eleven)

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  1. Dun eat here. This place charges customers very expensively & they simply charge as and when they like.

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