June 15, 2024


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Chan Sow Lin Chicken Rice

There is one stall I passed by almost every evening at Jalan Chan Sow Lin. It is a chicken rice stall by the road side with a light box stating opening hours from 5pm to 9.30 pm. The stall in front of the wooden house and they do use the premise for the customers to sit in.
chan sow lin chicken rice stall
There is nothing fancy about this stall but it is packed almost every evening. Even though it states that they close around 9.30pm, usually by 8pm their food usually are sold out.
chan sow lin chicken rice
The owner will do the hard work, chopping and cutting the chicken and the lady boss usually with fancy hair style will take orders and take payments. This is a typical roadside stall where you get to smell a bit of smoke but usually the food will do the talking.
chan sow lin hainan chicken
They serve Hainanese style chicken and other “add on” or side dishes but I usually stick with the chicken. They do not serve roast chicken and I am not sure about char siew though, usually when I was there, they only left the chicken for me. You won’t find anything fancy about their chicken but satisfying and comfort food. The price for the food is still considered reasonable and you won’t complain for a good plate of chicken rice. I don’t mind for a quick fix at a stall like this for dinner.

This is NON-HALAL.

*Pictures are taken with Samsung Galaxy Mega (yeah the big phone).*

Chan Sow Lin Chicken Rice Address:

Jalan Chan Sow Lin

GPS: 3.124648, 101.713972

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  1. The chicken rice stall has moved to the outside. After south gate right next to BHP petrol. Uncle chicken rice can be contacted at 012-3130079.

    Chicken still gooooooood.

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