May 25, 2024


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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom Camera Smartphone

When you put a smart phone and a reliable camera together, what do you get? The answer is Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. Well, you might ask, most of the smartphones come with a camera? Yes, it is true. Many smartphones come with decent camera functions and only a selected few that excels in the picture quality.

I might be using Samsung devices like Samsung Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 but I do have other smart phones like iPhone5 and other brands. Many smartphones are selling on the resolution of their camera. Some phones have very high camera resolution but are the quality good enough, that we are not certain.
I have the first Samsung Galaxy Camera and it does come with a sim card capability but it can’t call like a phone and it doesn’t come with NFC capabilities. I loved that camera and I have taken hundreds of pictures using that camera and some even published on newspapers and magazines.
Understanding the limitation of Galaxy Camera, recently Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. It works similar like the Galaxy Camera, less bulky and it is a smartphone. This is what I called “2 in 1” device, smartphone + camera.

I get my hands on the Galaxy K Zoom unit when I travelled to Melbourne recently. Even though, I didn’t try out every single functions of that unit but I did enjoy testing it.
alex ortega

(Photography trip to Melbourne with Samsung NX Traveller with Samsung Galaxy K Zoom guru and expert, Mr. Alex Ortega from Singapore. )
First thing first, the design. The ergonomic design or whatever they called it, makes it slimmer and sleeker. You are not just carrying a smart phone but a smart phone with a proper camera and it is slightly bulkier than the usual smart phone but way thinner than a camera.

Insert a sim card and the phone is on the go. It comes with 4G and it works perfectly like the best smartphone on the planet.
oddfellows deer

(Simple picture using water reflection on lens with natural lights)
The camera functions are simple but yet meaningful. The Xenon flash keeps dark objects brighter than the conventional LED lights and capturing low light images are greatly enhanced. The K Zoom comes with a 10x optical zoom and you can shoot pictures from far with the same quality. This is the part where you don’t need to exchange lenses if you are using a camera. How convenient.
melbourne girl

(Portrait pictures never been easier with Galaxy K Zoom)
The camera comes with 20.7MP, quality good enough to print a billboard! Thus, the quality of the HD video is unbelievable too. The phone comes with Hexa-core 1.7GHz, 1.3GHz processor and it only weighs 200g. It is easy to carry and it fits nicely to my pocket and no problems to handbags.

Remember, it is a Galaxy phone so sharing pictures is just a few clicks of buttons. You can share it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr and many more instantly!

Overall, I am impressed with the Galaxy K Zoom. If you are a beginner in photography or want a quick and easy camera with smartphone, Galaxy K Zoom is the ideal choice. Visit the nearest Samsung outlets to feel and try out the unit first. Get a feel of this unit and do explore some of the important functions so you truly understand the Galaxy K Zoom. For more info, visit



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