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Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok

Where is the best place to shop in Bangkok? There is no argument that Chatuchak Weekend Market is still the best. Platinum Mall might be the wholesale fashion mall but Chatuchak has everything. You can buy books, furniture, plants, arts, painting, clothes, lights and almost everything. It is the largest market in the world and you can’t finish walking this market in a day, I kid you not.
chatuchak market bangkok
The market is a well plan market and it is segmented to sections depending what they sell. You can only find clothes in clothes section, books at books section, etc.  You won’t get bored shopping in this market as most stalls sell unique items. Thus, many of them are independent sellers so it is unique.
chatuchak market boutiques
I have visited the market various times and recently I revisited the market to get some nice and special clothes for my son. It didn’t take long for me to spot some of the unique baby clothes in the market. You can find really nice unique design apparels in the market and for the price tag it is cheaper than many places in Bangkok. You can always try your luck bargaining the price of the item if you are a bargain hunter.
chatuchak market coconut ice cream
There are drink and food stalls everywhere in the market and they have really good selection of food and drinks. Do not be surprise if many of these stalls have their own Facebook page! Most of them are digital savvy! Social media is the king now!
chatuchak market children hats
Plan your trip to Chatuchak properly as they are only opened during weekend (Saturday and Sunday). You still can visit the market during weekdays but most of the stalls are not opened. Expect to spend half day in Chatuchak and drink many H2O as it can be quite hot in the market.
chatuchak market thai art
Like many other places in the world, beware of pickpockets. I never encountered any of them in so many years but do be cautious of them. There are a few money changer outlets in the market or just visit the bank outlets (near JJ Mall). If you over shopped and there are too many things to carry back, you can always shipped them back from the market. There are quite a few International brand courier companies in the market. You can also ship furniture or big items back to your home. They will provide you the options of delivery and costs.

How to go to Chatuchak Market?

Taxi: This is the easiest but depends where you stay, price may varies and you might caught up in the traffic.

Bus No. 3,826,27,28,29,34,38,39,44,52,59,63,77,90,96,104,408,112,122, 134,136,138,153,159

MRT: Kamphaengpecth Station (around five minutes walk to the market) and Suan Chatuchak (Chatuchak Park) nearby the market.

MRT is a wise choice but depends whether you are staying near a MRT station. Take the Suan Chatuchak Park as the station is located below the market.

Chatuchak Market is adjacent to the Kamphaengpecth Station (MRT) about 5 minute walk from Mochit Skytrain (BTS) Station and Suan Chatuchak (Chatuchak Park) Station (MRT)

BTS: Mo Chit Station, the station is just a stone throw away from the market. Just a short walk to reach the market and it is very convenient like the MRT.



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