June 16, 2024


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My AirAsia Free Seats

If I had 10 AirAsia Free Seats, I would go to and I’d bring along my family, my friends and maybe my readers to Hong Kong. Why Hong Kong… again?
I fell in love with that busy city a few years ago and I visited the city thrice within two years. I love bright and colourful cities such as Hong Kong with so much to explore. Visiting the city during winter is always cooling and makes traveling easier, hassle free.
Rainbow lamma island stir fried brocolli with scallop
Food and shopping is always the fun thing to do in Hong Kong. Finding signature food in Hong Kong is a fun thing to do such as Shatin’s roast pigeon, Lamma Island’s seafood and so on.
citygate outlets hong kong
Shopping is always entertaining as the city is a fast moving fashion place. You can get the latest trends in fashion especially in shoes with attractive prices. Thus, there are outlets such as Citygate Outlet and Prada Outlet for shoppers to visit.
the peak hong kong night view
For places of interest, there are plenty things to do such as visiting the three islands; Lantau, Lamma and Tai O island. They might not be popular tourist destinations but they are something new to explore.

Winning the Free seats or not you still can get your own FREE Seats now until 31st August 2014. Remember the trael dates are between 1st March 2015 and 24th October 2015. Make your first step of visiting your holiday destination by booking your AirAsia ticket now and start planning!

We are currently touring Europe and coming back home to celebrate Merdeka 2014 with our son. Thus, we hope by winning the free ticket, we can bring our son to visit the vibrant city or sharing my happiness with others. Remember, EVERYONE CAN FLY with AirAsia and make it happen now!


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