July 22, 2024


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Salted Duck Egg Char Kuey Teow at Jalan Sayur Pudu

Yes, I have tried duck egg char kuey teow but not salted duck egg char kuey teow. There is one stall in Jalan Sayur or glutton street in Pudu, selling char kuey teow with salted duck egg. Salted duck egg might not popular with Westerners but they are darling for most Asians.
pudu salted duck egg char kuey teow stall
There are plenty of street food to choose from in Jalan Sayur and this stall is one of them. You can notice that the stall is quite popular as there are many tables ordering the char kuey teow from them. Inform them for the extra salted duck egg and when you order and if not mistaken it is RM 5.50 or RM 6.50.
pudu salted duck egg char kuey teow
You can spot bits of the salted duck egg in char kuey teow and when you taste it, you get hints of the salted duck egg. The taste is quite balance as they didn’t over use the salted duck egg as it might overwhelm the taste of the char kuey teow. Hence, the plate of char kuey teow comes with sliced fish cakes and juicy siham (cockles). Except for the high calorie count, I don’t mind coming back again. The other popular in Jalan Sayur includes pudding, fried chicken, pork porridge and many more.

Pictures are taken with Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.

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