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Yu Kong 游港 Kluang Famous Shanghai Mooncakes

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Yu Kong 游港 Kluang Famous Shanghai Mooncakes

The Mid Autumn Festival is less than one month and there are many restaurants and hotels offering various types of mooncakes. So far, I have reviewed a few mooncakes this year and I won’t be adding that tally as I will be away for holiday soon.
Yu Kong 游港 Restaurant mooncake box
Recently, I managed to taste a popular Shanghai mooncakes from Kluang at my client’s office by chance. Honestly, I am not a big fan of Shanghai mooncakes but the taste took me away. Shanghai mooncakes have a different type of crust than the usual ones but the common filling is lotus paste with salted duck egg yolk.

Yu Kong 游港 Restaurant shanghai mooncakes
I found out that the name of the restaurant is Yu Kong and their mooncakes are packaged in a simple yellow box without any English words, their Shanghai mooncakes deserved to be blogged. I enjoyed the natural flavour of its lotus paste and also the crispy crust. Thus, you can tell that this is handmade as the paste is not so sticky and the taste is not that sweet either. It is truly enjoyable and delectable.
Yu Kong 游港 Restaurant shanghai mooncake
From what I have heard, the mooncakes are on sale from 2pm and usually sold out on weekends within half an hour. If you are going to Kluang, this is the Shanghai mooncakes you should look out for. This is a complimentary blogpost to promote good food in Johor.

Yu Kong 游港 Restaurant Address:

91, Jalan Lim Swee Sim, Kluang

Yu Kong 游港 Restaurant Opening Hours:

2:00pm till sold out

GPS: 2.042118,103.331925

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