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Sopa De Fitas Wing Kei Macao

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Sopa De Fitas Wing Kei Macao

If you are still stereotyping Macau food to only almond cookies, pork burger, Portuguese egg tarts and steamed milk pudding, you visit the country again. There is plenty of interesting food to indulge other than the ones I mentioned. One of them is popular traditional Chinese dessert, tau fu fa or soy bean dessert. The most popular outlet in Macau should be Wing Kei or Sopa De Fitas Wing Kei, they have two outlets now.

Before I start writing on Sopa De Fitas Wing Kei, I have written another popular restaurant at Firma U Tac Hong Macau Tofu Specialty Restaurant. I tried both restaurants in June this year so this is the latest review on both restaurants in 2014.
wing kei macau
The location is at G/F, 47 R. da Tercena, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, walking distance from Senado Square and it is near the Antique Street. It looks like a typical Macanese restaurant and it is usually crowded with locals and tourists.
wing kei tau fu fa
The tau fu fa is their highlight and of course there is other food available but I didn’t manage to taste it. If not mistaken, they have hot and cold taufufa but I ordered the hot one since I tried the cold one in another restaurant. With its smooth texture and sweet sugar syrup, the taufufa is to die for.

It is worth my effort to visit the place in a hot day and I don’t mind ordering a few more. Have you been here before? Hard to find the place, use GPS coordinate below and put it onto the Google Map. You will find it for sure.

Sopa De Fitas Wing Kei Macao Address:

G/F, 47 R. da Tercena, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro


GPS: 22.197290, 113.539249

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