May 31, 2023

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Sul bing Busan Famous Shaved Ice

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Sul bing Busan Famous Shaved Ice

If you are in Korea and looking for some unique delicious bingsu (ice shaving), you can try the popular brand from Busan, Sul bing. Sul bing is originated from Busan and now franchised to all over Korea. I got to try their bingsu in the popular area of Hongdae in Seoul.

You can check out their website for the full list of the outlet locations and thanks to our guide, Yoo Jin we found the Solbing outlet in Hongdae. From the first impression, there is nothing special about the restaurant as it looks like other typical bingsu restaurants but let the food do the talking.

We ordered their signature bingsu or the injeolming sul bing. The injeolmi sul ing is served in a large bowl, filled with shaved milk with pieces of injeolmi (rice cake). Their shaved milk is thinner than the usual shaved like and it is really soft like cotton and melts in the mouth. The fragrant sweet bean powder covered the shaved milk and topped with nuts and this is the best so far I tasted in Korea.

Thus we also ordered the coffee bingsu. It comes with ice cream, nuts, red bean and coffee flavour. The super thin shaved ice is definitely the highlight but I still prefer their injeolming sul bing. Thus, this is better than the ordinary bingsu in Seoul as mentioned by Yoo Jin.

This is a great find thanks to Mandy who is staying in Seoul for the recommendation. So far I enjoyed the hospitality and stay in Seoul. For more info visit Sul bing website at


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  1. Awesome review! I’m going there soon!

    btw my friends and I just started a travel blog, hope you can drop by and leave some feedback or comment. Our first entry is about backpacking in New Zealand. Hope to hear from you soon.

    The Travelling 3o

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