June 24, 2024


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Peel Road Nasi Lemak

The landscape of Peel Road has changed tremendously in the past few years. Once it was a quiet area in Cheras filled with villages and British built government houses now turned to one of the latest development in Kuala Lumpur. Most of the villages have been demolished and even school like Cochrane had been shifted and now they are building the Sunway Velocity with two MRT stations underground on Peel Road.


Peel Road is no longer the same but luckily the some of the good food still remains there. I wrote many times about Queens Hotel and the satay stall and a few steps further, you will see the Peel Road nasi lemak stall in front of the shop lots. They are open for dinner only.

The nasi lemak stall has been around for years and they are usually sold out around 8pm. At 6pm, the crowd is getting crazy at the stall. Some of them will eat by the road side while most of them will just take away boxes of nasi lemak. Before I start, this is a non-halal nasi lemak stall as they do sell food like wild boar curry.


They have more than 10 side dishes and you have food like chicken, beef, mutton, cockles, vegetables and many more. I was informed chicken rendang is only available from Thursday to Sunday as it needs lots of work to prepare.


My plate of nasi lemak comes with wild boar curry and chicken rendang.  It is no secret that the coconut rice is fragrant with the tasty tender wild boar as well as the flavourful chicken and topped with their not so spicy and sweet sambal, crunchy fried anchovies and peanuts and sliced cucumber.

If not of the calories, I can have this every day!

Peel Road Nasi Lemak (Non-Halal) Address:

Lorong Peel (next to Queens Hotel)

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