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Udon-Ya San Noodle House Pandan Indah

There is a new udon restaurant opened in Pandan Indah Cheras three months ago. The name is called Udon-Ya San and it is located at 65 Jalan Pandan Indah 4/3A near Old Town White Coffee Pandan Indah.

It is not hard to find the restaurant but parking could be an issue as the place is notorious for limited parking spaces. I heard good reviews from my friends (non-bloggers) so I went there for lunch with my brother.
udon-ya san pandan indah
The restaurant is air conditioned and the décor is quite simple with wooden chairs and tables with some Japanese decorations. From the menu, their food is simple and straight forward with a few variations of their homemade udon noodle and side dishes.

Tsukimi Udon Soup (RM 7)
udon-ya san pandan indah tsukimi udon soup
Tsukimi Udon Soup is one of their signature udon noodles. Their texture of their homemade udon is smooth and enjoyable. The bowl of udon comes with tasty soup, poached egg, seaweed and topped with tempura flakes and chopped spring onions. The taste is quite balanced and this is comfort food. For RM 7, the Tsukimi Udo Soup is cheap!

Tsukimi Udon Dry (RM 7)
udon-ya san pandan indah tsukimi udon dry
Tsukimi Udon Dry is the dry version of tsukimi udon. It also comes with poached egg, seaweed and topped with tempura flakes and chopped spring onions. The taste is very similar to the soup version only the preference to have it with soup or dry version.

Kakiage (RM 3)
udon-ya san pandan indah kakiage
Kakiage is deep fried vegetables with tempura. The texture is very crispy and it goes well with the udon.

Tonkatsu (RM 6)
udon-ya san pandan indah tonkatsu
We were told that the portion of the tonkatsu is small. However, it comes with a palm size and deep fried to perfection. Of course you can’t compare to those tonkatsu that is charging over RM 10-15 per piece but this is good enough.

Chicken Kaarage (RM 4)
udon-ya san pandan indah chicken karaage
Chicken Kaarage is deep fried to perfection and it comes in three pieces of chicken oyster. This is enjoyable but I will prefer it to be more flavour.

Ajitama (RM 2)
udon-ya san pandan indah ajitama
Ajitama is cold egg cut to half and the taste is surprisingly very good. This is absolutely addictive and you could order more than one.

The food prices at Udon-Ya San is very affordable and maybe due to its location in Pandan Indah. The service is good and I like how the waiter explains the menu. The food serving time is fast and most important of all, overall the food is good. We will definitely come back again to try their other style of their udon noodles.


Udonya San Restaurant Address, Tel and GPS:

65 Jalan Pandan Indah 4/3A,

Pandan Indah,

55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 011-1310 4182

GPS: 3.131112, 101.754433

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