June 1, 2023

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Food Paradise at Macau International Airport

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Food Paradise at Macau International Airport

There are a few brand new restaurants in Macau International Airport this year and they are Food Paradise, Good Fortune Kitchen and Pacific Coffee. Food and beverages outlets are important for airports as airport guests can have choices to find the perfect restaurant to fill their tummies before getting on board.

I am one of those travellers who enjoy arriving to airport early so I can check in early and chill inside the airport complex. I had bad experiences in getting through customs and immigrations as sometimes I might get stuck behind long queues and the waiting time sometimes are unbearable.

I enjoy hanging around the airport, reading a magazine or a comic or surfing on my Samsung Galaxy Phone. I might be wandering around snapping pictures to kill time or finding the proper restaurant to dine.

After clearing custom and immigration, I went to Food Paradise, located at 2nd floor. This is a new area if not mistaken as it still smells new.

Roasted Pork (MOP 88)

I ordered roasted pork or “siew yuk” as side dish. It comes in a small plate with nine pieces. The portion might be small but it was really good. I love the tenderness of the meat and the crackling crunchiness of the pork skin. Good stuff but expensive.

Shrimp Wonton Egg Noodle (MOP 45)

Shrimp Wonton Egg Noodle or better known as shrimp wonton noodle was next. The noodles texture was good but they didn’t cook it properly so it comes with a strong lye water scent. The ammonia like scent really let the whole dish down. The shrimp wonton was good too.

Dai Pai Dong Milk Tea (MOP 32)

Dai Pai Dong Milk Tea or the typical HK style milk tea is priced at MOP 32. It is only slightly cheaper than the plate of wonton noodle but this is quite typical HK style, something you can’t get in our country.

Everything was pretty good except the egg noodle. I was disappointed on how can they make such a simple mistake.  Price is a bit on the high side because it is in the airport but make sure they cook the noodle properly.

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1 thought on “Food Paradise at Macau International Airport

  1. This airport “restaurant” is the worst I ever ate in Macau and I am a local permanent resident. I have ordered BBQ pork, Soy chicken, Beef brisket soup and cheese fries. The BBQ pork and the chicken arrived after 3 minutes and it surprised me however after I tasted it, I realized the food was cold, probably remainings from other dishes. The BBQ pork was only fat and the fries, reheated had a tiniest bit of cheese on top. The beef brisket was uncooked and I couldn’t believe I had to pay 300 MOP-approx 40 USD for that. I have never wrote a bad review but please, avoid this place at all costs.

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