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Golden Peacock Macau Venetian Michelin Star Restaurant

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Golden Peacock Macau Venetian Michelin Star Restaurant

Do you there is a dedicated Michelin Guide Book for Hong Kong and Macau? There are two Michelin three stars rated restaurants in Macau followed by three Michelin two stars restaurants and seven Michelin one star restaurants. Macau is not about casinos anymore, it is now a good food haven. If you are planning to visit Macau, look for Michelin star restaurants to dine as you might not have a chance to do so in Malaysia, Thailand or Singapore.
golden peacock macau venetian front
In my recent trip to Macau, my third trip to the island, I travelled to 3 days 2 nights holiday with my wife. For this trip, we decided to try one of the Michelin star rated restaurants and we chose Golden Peacock.

Golden Peacock is a Michelin One Star restaurant offering authentic Indian cuisine. We tried to book Robuchon au Dome (Michelin Three Stars Restaurant) but they were fully booked. It is important to book your table in advance to avoid disappointment.
golden peacock macau venetian interior
Golden Peacock serves buffet lunch and ala-carte dinner menu. We chose Golden Peacock as it is located in Venetian Macau as we were staying in Holiday Inn Cotai (just across the road) and we were also curious on how the taste like for a Michelin One Star Indian restaurant.

I know the buffet lunch is cheaper but I prefer the ala carte dinner menu. We always believe the quality of ala-carte food is better than buffet food and to be frank you do not need to break a bank to dine at Golden Peacock.
golden peacock macau venetian upstair
The restaurant is a beauty. The setting and the décor, it is just pure classy. It is a two storey restaurant and I will recommend the second floor for more privacy.

Since it was just both of us, we ordered something simple for dinner after our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Macau.

Choosa-Khaas- Makhni (MOP 108)
golden peacock macau venetian Choosa-Khaas- Makhni
Choosa-Khaas- Makhni is Tandoori chicken cooked in rich tomato gravy, cream, organic honey and Fenugreek-leaf. We enjoyed the taste and the tenderness of the chicken and it compliments well with that thick creamy gravy. Best taken with naan or roti.

Kashmiri Rogan Josh (MOP 138)
golden peacock macau venetian Kashmiri Rogan Josh
The Philippine waitress recommended us to have Kashmiri Rogan Josh. It is actually the lamb shank and cooked with Kashmiri chilli, brown onion and Cinnamon.

Naan (MOP 28)
golden peacock macau venetian naan
For Naan you have choices of butter, garlic, olive, sundried tomato and chili, pistachio and dates, cheese and plain. To be frank, the quality of the naan is slightly better than what we have at home.

Overall, the food is good for sure. If not, they won’t be rated for Michelin One Star restaurant. The service is good and it is part of the rating system too if not mistaken.

The food is the upscale version of the Indian food we have back home in Malaysia. The taste of the food is better and the presentation is a class above.

If you are wondering how a Michelin One Star Indian restaurant food taste like, you should visit Golden Peacock at The Venetian.

This is a sponsored post by Macau Government Tourism Office.

Golden Peacock Macau Venetian Address, Contact and Website:

Shop 1037, Casino Level, The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel


Tel: +853 8118 9696


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