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SekMeChoy Salak South

Kedai Makan Sekmechoy has been around for some time and my parents brought me there after they dined there with their friends. This restaurant is located at 195 Jalan Besar, Salak South and you need to use the old Salak South road to reach this place. If not mistaken, they have another outlet in Kepong.
sek me choy salak south
The restaurant is air conditioned and they are quite popular with their black pepper bakuteh. However, when I dined there, I didn’t order their signature bakuteh as I prefer to taste their other food.

Baked Salt Chicken
sek me choy baked salt chicken
My parents were very impressed with their baked salt chicken. It is only available on weekends only or probably you can call to order this.

I couldn’t disagree with them as the chicken was salt baked perfectly. The chicken meat was tender and the taste was good. It is better than many “famous” salt chicken restaurants.

Fish Paste with Taufu
sek me choy fish paste with taufu
At a glance, the Fish Paste with Taufu looks like fish paste cooked with steamed egg. I love the freshness of the fish paste and also deconstructed taufu (beancurd). This is definitely the dish to order for children.

Claypot Organic Vegetables
sek me choy organic vegetable in claypot
For those who enjoy organic food, the Claypot Organic Vegetables is something you can order. I am not a big fan of organic food to be frank and this dish is nothing particularly special.

Stir Fried Intestines with Fried Shrimps
sek me choy stir fry intestine
Stir Fried Intestines with Fried Shrimps was well done. The intestines were deep fried to perfection and it goes well with the crunchy fried shrimps. This is one of their signature food.

Slow Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Greens (Mui Choy Kau Yoke)
sek me choy kau yuk
Slow Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard Greens is something I didn’t have for some time. The meat is not that soft but the taste is good. The preserved mustard green is not as salty as I thought.

Overall, the food is good and the pricing is reasonable. I went for their ala carte food instead of their black pepper bakuteh. I enjoyed their food even though there is nothing fancy about them. I love the baked salt chicken as well as the stir fried intestines. Remember to call to book your table as it can be packed during dinner times.

SekMeChoy Salak South Operation Hours:

9.30 am -9.30 pm

Kedai Makan SekMeChoy (锡米才瓦煲胡椒肉骨茶) Address and Contact:

195 Jalan Besar

Salak Selatan (South)

57100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603- 7982 3132

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