December 7, 2023


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Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant Mid Valley

Recently, Mid Valley’s third floor (cinema’s wing) gone through a huge renovation and recently reopened. They created a new Mezzanine floor so they can put open more shops and it means more rental income like the other wing.
kyung joo mid valley
The newly renovated wing also houses the Magnum Ice Cream Café which becomes an instant hit with queue every day since their opening. Opposite the Magnum Ice Cream Café are a few new restaurants at the Mezzanine floor. Kyung Joo relocated there and opened recently.

I went there with my wife for dinner and since it was our first time, we ordered their signature dish, MIX BBQ Set. This is a Non-Halal restaurant and time for some pork session.

Mix BBQ Set (RM 48.80)
kyung joo mid valley bbq mix set
Mix BBQ Set comes with a combination of US Beef, pork belly, Australia Lamb Shoulder, marinated chicken and side dishes.
kyung joo mid valley side dishes
There are six side dishes with kimchi, mashed potato, black beans, seaweed and a few more plates of vegetables.

Each comes with the gas grill, quite a usual thing in Malaysia. I prefer charcoal grills like the ones in Korea but most of the Korean restaurants in KL uses gas grill because it is easier to maintain.

The set is good for two persons and we can cooked it DIY or the waiter will cook for us. We prefer the latter.
kyung joo mid valley grill bbq mix set
He started off with the onion and then the vegetables, the lamb and chicken. For those who didn’t know, in Korea they prefer to use big fat piece of pork belly and then grilled and cut to pieces but most Korean restaurants in KL use thin sliced pork and beef.

I enjoyed the pork belly and the beef but the chicken was above average. I thought the grilled lamb shoulder was quite nice. Not the best BBQ Korean dish but quite decent.

Rice or ramen is additional.


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Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant Address:

T041A 3rd Floor Mezzanine

Midvalley Megamall, Jalan Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2280 0063

Operating Hour :

10am – 11pm (Monday – Sunday)

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