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Remicone Soft Ice Cream and Desserts Doota DongDaeMun

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Remicone Soft Ice Cream and Desserts Doota DongDaeMun

What to eat while traveling in Korea? How about their desserts? I have tasted one of the best bingsu (shaved ice) at Sul Bing Busan Famous Shaved Ice. Another popular dessert you need to try is their soft ice cream.
remicone doota shopping mall
While shopping at Doota Shopping Mall in DongDaeMun, I stumbled upon a very striking ice cream shop. It is called the Remicone Soft Ice Cream and Desserts. I have no idea about the origin of this shop but the queue was long and it was packed and so I assume it must be popular in Seoul.

I often heard about communication barrier and language issues in Korea but that was the yester years. Now, most menus written in English and the tourism have changed the lifestyle of the locals for sure.  It is definitely not the same story as ten or fifteen years ago as most Koreans try to speak English and they are very approachable.
remicone soft ice cream menu
At Remicone, the menu is written in English and you need to follow three steps to customise your own ice cream or select one of their special ice cream. They can even custom made it for you! If you look at the prices, it is priced at Korean Won in thousands. Say it is written 6.1 means 6100 Korean Won which is around RM 19.

Honeycomb Ice Cream
remicone soft ice cream honeycomb
We ordered the Honeycomb Ice Cream (seasonal menu). Imagine this, honey flavoured ice cream, with a big chunk of real honey comb with cracker. This is honey overload and for honey lover, this is heavenly. It should be around 5000 Won.

Thunder Bomb
remicone soft ice cream thunderbomb
We also ordered their signature ice cream, Thunder Bomb at 6,100 Won. It is one of the most attractive looking ice creams ever.

The base is milk ice cream topped with fluffy grey coloured cotton candy with a cute thunder white chocolate.
remicone soft ice cream thunderbomb doota
The milk ice cream is strong with milk flavour while the cotton candy is sweet. The taste might not be as great as its presentation but it is a very innovative ice cream created by Remicone.

You can definitely taste the quality of the soft ice cream and also the flavour. Ice cream shop in Korea is extremely popular and there are many other brands available too. I am unsure how many Remicone Soft Ice Cream shops are there but this is one is at Doota Shopping Mall in DongDaeMun.

Remicone Soft Ice Cream and Desserts Address:

Ground Floor, Doota Shopping Mall РDongDaeMun, Seoul.

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