December 6, 2023


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Passenger Passed Out in MH 125 Kuala Lumpur to Perth

What happened when a passenger passed out in an airplane? We watched too many TV series and movies but what actually happens when such incident happens?

On my recent flight on Malaysia Airlines MH 125, from Kuala Lumpur to Perth, I experienced the same incident like we watched on TV.
malaysia airlines MH 125
Yes, I flew with Malaysia Airlines again after the two incidents. This was my second flight with Malaysia Airlines after I flew to London with my wife a few months ago after MH 17 incident. There is nothing wrong in flying with them, no glitch or whatsoever.

So after two movies and almost five hours of flying, the captain announced that the plane is descending to the Perth International Airport. Then, the lady passenger in front of me alerted the cabin crew and then the she started to look panic. The cabin crews went and check out the situation and apparently the husband passed out.
malaysia airlines MH 125 man passed out
Calmly, one of the cabin crews walked towards the cabin and announced on the PA for a doctor. Luckily, there is a doctor in my travel group and hastily he went to attend the man.

Almost everyone in plane peeking through their seats to check out the situation but everyone was calm.

Then another cabin crew took the oxygen tank and put the man in the oxygen mask. No panic was seen and the cabin crews handled the situation very well. After 10 minute or so, the man started to regain consciousness.

Well, it didn’t stop there. After the plane parked at the terminal, we had to wait for the quarantine officers to board the plane.

During that moment, the first thing that came to my mind was is it Ebola related? Did the man travelled to Africa before Australia? Are we going for quarantine for two weeks? Everyone seems to be frustrated but once again the cabin crews took charge and make sure everyone was in place.
malaysia airlines MH 125 quarantine officer
After the officers came up and talked to the man, everyone was allowed to leave except the man.

I spoke to the doctor after that incident and he told me that the man’s heartbeat dropped to less than 30 beats per minute and his face turned blue.

Amazingly, after sometime the man turned okay and he can stand and walking around.

The whole incident took place in less than half an hour and the cabin crews took charge and control the situation professionally.

This is not the first time, Malaysia Airlines cabin crew did a good job. I still remember my flight from Buenos Aires to Cape Town, the cabin crews handled the rowdy Argentine rugby team professionally even though they acted like kids throwing pillows in the plane.

There was another incident from Johannesburg where a drunken man started to turn rowdy but the cabin crews once again handled the situation well.

This is one of the main reasons I enjoyed flying with Malaysia Airlines. Five star airlines with five star cabin crews.

This is not a sponsored post by Malaysia Airlines.


0 thoughts on “Passenger Passed Out in MH 125 Kuala Lumpur to Perth

  1. I flew MAS some years back from KK to KL. There was a man who requested for beer can after can and gets drunk. He threw the can on the cabin floor and it rolls when the plane rolls. However one steward refuse to give him anymore beer telling him, “Sir, this is not a bar” . I congratulated the steward while disembarking the plane.

  2. I also flew between KUL and London this year on MAS A380 and just also flew between Shanghai and KUL on MAS just recently arriving back last night with no regrets. Very warm hospitality and friendly. Great food and comfort as I was flying Business Class.

  3. Kudos to them. Unlike British Airways when I fainted. The plump stewardess came to me immediately with a clip board and asked if I had too much to drink. Like hello, I’m trying to regain conscious and you are treating me like a drunk? No questions of concern or offer of water, just a glum face. The steward, in fairness, came by to check and showed more compassion. She was nowhere to be seen after finishing her paper works with me. Shocking.

  4. I agreed with the people here on their opinions of Malaysia Airlines. It is a norm in MY to hear comments that local airlines are not good and foreign airlines are much better. After hearing many dreadful stories, naturally, i avoid taking MH until around 9-10 years ago, i have to take a flight to HK and only MH is available. I have no choice as i have an urgent meeting and so it is my 1st time taking MH Business Class. You could tell that i was dragging my feet up the plane and i just hope that the next 4 hours will not be so haunting.

    To my very surprise, the service not only good but you feel warm and comfortable. Next to my seat is a British which i was anxious to know why he took MH. His replies, that he always take MH wherever possible and always awaiting for the food and likes the satay a lot. He was surprised why I as a Malaysian never try the local airline. I can’t find a good reason to reply and so i just return that kind of smile i saw the crews were giving… That changed my views on MH.

    I took the A380 Business Class to Paris and also to various cities and it was really good. The only comments that i would like to give is the 777 Business Class to New Zealand. The designed and seat offerings are the outdated types which is not comfortable and looks due pass the aging process. Other than that, the familiar smiles and services are still the same.

    On one of my return trip from NZ Auckland to KL on a Business Class, one of the passenger was raising her voice complaining about the food. The crew was calm, politely talking to her and took the food away. After a short while, not only the crew prepare her another set of food, the steward kneel close to the passenger explaining the food and talking to her while she started taking her food. Rest of the flight, i saw the passenger was having a nice time chit chatting with the crew.

    I hope that Malaysia Airline will continue to improve with the drastic changes now undergoing and those core values should be maintain. I will continue to fly MH as long as the level of service is still good.

    This is not a sponsor stories from Malaysia Airlines as I believe Malaysian can attained that level of deliveries and professionalism when the time calls for it.

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