January 31, 2023

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Adidas Year End Clearance Sale Viva Expo Hall 2014

Adidas Year End Clearance Sale Viva Expo Hall 2014 is happening now until 7th December in a four days only clearance sale. The clearance sale or people love to call it the warehouse sale started since yesterday at Viva Expo Hall in Viva Home Shopping Mall in Cheras Kuala Lumpur.

I missed visiting the sale yesterday and saw many posting on Facebook so I went today at 10 am sharp. Even before the doors are opened, the queue was long and many people was well informed about this sale.

Remember not to bring any handbags or bags as you need to seal it before you can enter. You can’t re-enter so make sure once you go in, do not exit and re-enter again as you have to rejoin the queue.

The hall is labelled accordingly; Men, Women, Kids, Apparels.

All the items are on the tray and they are scattered around. So you need some time finding the right design and the right size. Sometimes you might hit jackpot getting a nice item.

Men clothes are the most with prices starting from RM 30. Most of them are sport wear and short sleeve and long sleeve shirts are very rare.

Football jerseys like Chelsea and Real Madrid are available but they are old away jerseys. I spotted some training jersey too for Real Madrid and Spain. It really depends on your luck as I saw someone got the 2010 Spain Home Jersey. Football jersey is priced at RM 70 each!

NBA jersey is available when I was there. Spotted Miami Heat and Chicaco Bull jerseys with names sold at RM 30 each.

Men Shoes also dominates the sale with many football shoes. The prices are vary but the good ones are mostly below RM 99.

Men casual shoes or sports shoes are priced around RM 99 which is cheap as most of them are priced more than RM 200 or RM 300 each. I saw a few good ones taken by a few teenagers and it is only RM 99 each. Like I said, it is like a treasure hunt, you might find something really nice at a cheap price if you are lucky.

Kids section mainly is for kid’s size, baby size is quite rare. Baby size shoes are available at RM 65 each while sandals are priced at RM 30 each.

Kids shirts are around RM 25 and above and most of the sizes are for age 2 and above. Probably the younger ones were snapped away or maybe they will restock again. They have many Disney characters x Adidas kids apparels and shoes available. You have to find the right size yourself but they are selling fast.

The Apparels section is mainly bags, caps, gloves and etc. They are clearing out 2014 World Cup country caps for RM 20 each if not mistaken.

For the Women section, it is quite disappointing as the clothes designs are limited. For the shoes, the selection and design is not as many like the MEN but you still can find a few good items.

Overall, it is a sale and they really mean it. Some items are discounted more than 70% and most T-Shirts are priced at RM 30 and above.

There is a Sorting Section so you try or double check your items and you can also return any items to the counter if you change your mind.

The cashier area is quite organized even though the queue could be long from time to time. The cashier accepts card and the transaction time is quite fast.

Remember to go there as early as possible as the weekend crowd will be wilder and crazier. The hall can be packed so try not to bring kids over. This is a crazy sale and not a look see sale.

If you are planning for a Christmas gift or even for New Year’s clothes, you can save quite some money here.

This is not a sponsored post.

Adidas Year End Clearance Sale Viva Expo Hall 2014

Opening Hour is: 10 am to 8pm

Date: 4th December 2014 to 7th December 2014

Venue: Viva Expo Hall, 2nd Floor Viva Home Shopping Mall, Cheras




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