June 6, 2023

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Va Heng Homemade Noodle Macau

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Va Heng Homemade Noodle Macau

Homemade noodle in Macau? You won’t get to find this kind of food in guide books as this is shops is popular among the locals and not tourists.

My wife and I went to Macau a few months ago sponsored by Macau Government Tourist Office to look for promote the food scene. They want us to look for something different and local other than the usual “tourist food”. With the help of them and my local friend, Michael we locked down a few local restaurants and this one we stumbled upon by chance as we were looking for the famous tau fu far (beancurd dessert ) at Sopa De Fitas Wing Kei Macao.

The shop is called Va Heng Fabrica De Massas  de Farinha. From what I understand and researched, the noodle shop has been making noodles for the past five generations. They were packing noodles when we step in and we spotted beautiful egg noodles on the table.

We bought a pack of noodles for my grandmother as she loves to cook them with oyster sauce with minced meat. I rather let her to have homemade egg noodle than instant noodles at any time.

After a few weeks, my grandmother asked me to get more egg noodles for her as she thought I bought it locally. She told me that she loved the noodles and it is the best egg noodles she had for some time. Even up to today, she kept on singing praises on these noodles.

The noodles are priced by gram and it was not expensive at all. It is just that I forgot how much I paid them.

The shop is near the Sopa De Fitas Wing Kei Macao and minutes of walking distance from the “Antique Street” as well as the popular Senado Square. I have enclosed the address as well as the GPS of this location.

This is a sponsored post by Macau Governmet Tourist Office. Fly direct from Kuala Lumpur to Macau via AirAsia. For more info visit AirAsia.com

Va Heng Homemade Noodle Address and GPS:

G/F, 51. da Tercena, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro

GPS: 22.197290, 113.539249


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