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Miramar Restaurant Portuguese Cuisine Macau

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Miramar Restaurant Portuguese Cuisine Macau

Lonely Planet named this restaurant is the best kept secrets for the local Portuguese community. It is located at Estrada de Hac Sa, Praia de Hac Sá and it is by the Hac Sa beach and near to Westin Resort Macau.
miramar portuguese macau
It is quite far away from the city and I do agree with Lonely Planet, this is not a touristy restaurant. When I went there for lunch, it was packed with locals and mostly Portuguese.

Luckily we booked our table or else it will be a long queue. Miramar is popular for their Portuguese cuisine and the other popular one is Antonio and I have yet to visit that restaurant.

You can also read my review on Restaurante Litoral and they are located near the Ah Ma Temple.
miramar macau restaurant
It was packed and it was busy and the scene like the typical packed Chinese restaurant. The waiters and waitresses were running around and it was really a busy day for them.

There are bread and butter for starter and a plate of olives (not in the pictures).


Mixed Salad.
miramar macau mixed salad
Mixed Salad is a combination of chopped vegetables with olives. This is very refreshing and I love the fact they use the olives instead of olive oil.


Codfish Cake
miramar macau codfish cake
Codfish Cake is a popular dish in Macau. The codfish cake is obviously made from cod fish but the main component is potato. The cake is quite dry but the locals love it. You can find codfish cake in many restaurants in Macau.


Optopus Salad
restaurante litoral squid with vinegar
Optopus Salad is sliced octopus with salad and topped with olives. If you are a olive lover, you will love this restaurant as they like to use olives in many of their dishes. No complains.


Clams “Bultao Pato”
miramar macau bullhao pato clams
Clams “Bultao Pato” is quite similar to Malaysia’s La la with Superior Soup. The clams here are reasonably bigger in size and I loved the taste of this dish. I bet many Malaysians and Singaporeans are familiar with this taste. I don’t mind having another one of this.


Seafood Rice
miramar macau seafood rice
Seafood Rice is not seafood paella. It is similar to rice porridge and with seafood. It comes with quite generous amount of seafood in that bowl of rice.


Roasted Suckling Pig “Leitao”
miramar macau suckling pig
Roasted Suckling Pig “Leitao” is quite similar to the roasted suckling pig back home. You can find roasted suckling pig during Chinese New Year or Chinese Wedding menu and it is quite surprised to find them in a Portuguese restaurant.

Crispy skin with tender meat, how can I resist such sinful dish?


Grilled Whole Cow’s Rib
miramar macau grilled cow rib
Grilled Whole Cow’s Rib is another delightful sinful dish. It was grilled to Medium but it didn’t disappoint at all.


Traditional Portuguese Duck Rice
miramar macau portuguese duck rice
Traditional Portuguese Duck Rice is another popular Portuguese dish. The rice is cooked with minced duck and topped with savoury slices of bacon and sausage. I find this very appetizing and I wish they can put more bacon.

Overall, Miramar Restaurant offers a very tasty authentic Portuguese cuisine. The downside is you probably need to take a taxi to visit this restaurant. My advice is to book in advance and also to ask for the recommendation. I don’t mind coming back here again.

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Miramar Restaurant Opening Hours:

10:30-14:30 Tue – Fri

18:30-23:00 Tue – Fri

10:30-23:00 Sat – Sun

Miramar Restaurant Address, Contact, Tel and Website:

Estrada de Hac Sa, Praia de Hac Sá, Macau

Phone No.: +853 2888 2601



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