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New Requirements for Malaysians Travelling to France [Updated 9/1/2015]

*The announcement has been taken down on the Official Website Of Embassy of Malaysia Paris as we were informed by our readers.*

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The original story is as below.

Malaysians do not required VISA for travelling to France but  there are new requirements for Malaysian travellers who wants to travel with their friends and family less than 3 months. The important announcement for Malaysians travelling to France is posted at the Official Website of Embassy of Malaysia, Paris .

The announcement is as follows:




Malaysians travelling to France for tourism and business purposes do not need a visa for a stay less than three months. However, for visit and stay with relatives or friends in France, travellers are required to present to the French Immigration at the point of entry the following documents:


  1. i)          ‘Lettre de Hebergement’ (letter of Resident) from family or relative issued by the ‘Mairie’ (Mayor’s Office).
  2. ii)           Proof of sufficient money (credit card/cash). Cash of 30 Euros per day for duration of stay in France.

iii)            Travel Insurance

  1. iv)       Full address,telephone number and copy of Identity Card of the family or relative in France


Children below the age of 18 years (minors) travelling unaccompanied to France must produce the above document together with a letter from parent/guardian specifying information and address and telephone number of the family/relative who will be receiving the minor.




While Malaysians do not need a visa for tourist and business purposes of less than three months, it is strongly encouraged though, to bring along the following documents:


  1. i) Confirmation of hotel booking
  2. ii) Travel Insurance

iii)           Proof of sufficient cash for their stay in France




Thank you.






Sourced from Official Website of Embassy of Malaysia, Paris 

*The announcement has been taken down on the Official Website Of Embassy of Malaysia Paris as we were informed by our readers.*

Story from The Star: French embassy: Show proof of place to stay, travel insurance and sufficient cash 

Remember to share this important news with your friends as it is stated that travellers who are unable to meet the above requirement to the French Immigration will be refused entry into France.

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Please be vigilant when traveling in Paris as pickpockets are common. Many of my friends and even my mother is a victim of theft in Paris.
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During our visit to Paris last year, we didn’t encounter any issues and we find warmth from the Parisians. We enjoyed traveling around Paris and we fell in love with the City of Love.
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Just becareful with your belongings while traveling in Paris and you will enjoy the city. Food is amazing and the scenery is breath taking.

Remember to save the address and telephone number of Embassy of Malaysia Paris as below just in case of emergency.


Embassy of Malaysia, Paris Address and Telephone:

2 bis rue Benouville75116


Telephone: 00 331 45 53 11 85

00 33 6 32 60 61 84 – after office hours

Fax: 00 331 47 27 34 60

Email: [email protected]

GMT: + 1 hrs (Winter), + 2 hrs (Summer)

Embassy of Malaysia, Paris Work days:

Monday – Friday 9.00 a.m – 5.00 p.m

Public Holidays: Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday

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0 thoughts on “New Requirements for Malaysians Travelling to France

  1. Hi, just to point out the above rules especially letter of resident only affect those coming to France to visit family members and staying at the family members’ place, as opposed to any Malaysian tourists visiting France. I think KLN’s website was not very clear and they have updated it as I write. The usual requirements are still there: Hotel bookings, sufficient funds and travel insurance. You may want to update your reader again with the correct information. Thanks

  2. hey there
    i just flew out of Paris less than 24 hours ago into London. flew in on 27th dec 2014.. the customs officers didnt even give a hoot and barely looked at my passport on entry.. no immigration forms needed, just hand passport to them, they dont even look at you, give you a stamp and you’re on your way all under the spand of 3 seconds.. you can maybe get the word “Bonjour” in and your passport is back in your hands already..
    this would mostly likely apply to anyone in general in any countries if you look suspicious or if the customs officer you got is a super strict one.. but in all my travels, France customs has been the most “i cant care less” ever

    1. Hi Christy,

      I know what you mean. Even my friends who went to Paris last week are not having any issues at all on entry point.

      However, there is a Malaysian girl who got detained last year for failing to produced such documents and MAYBE that incident prompted the Malaysia Embassy to release this statement.

      Since the officials released and updated the statement, we just share the news so no one will caught up on entry points.

      Thanks for commenting.


    2. Hi Christy,

      The announcement has been taken down on the Official Website Of Embassy of Malaysia Paris as we were informed by our readers.



  3. Hi thanks for the info. Does it only applies to malaysian travellers from malaysia? I live in england on indefinite leave visa, and about to travel to france in 5 weeks time to visit the in laws. Do I need to prepare them as well? Been going to visit the in laws almost every year and have had no problem so far. But, definitely do not want to get caught up with the french bureau, nastyyy. Thanks in advance

  4. Hi. I will be visiting France in February, but I have not yet purchased travel insurance. Is it really a mandatory requirement? Plus, where can I get a good ones?

  5. Hi. I will be flying to Paris on February, have not purchased any travel insurance. Is it really a requirement, or else so entry into France? If so, please let me know where to get it (reliable ones). Tq!

  6. Hi. Thank you for your reply. I have read the similar news on the star online. Seems like they’re pretty much similar with the Maldives requirements. (hotel bookings, travel insurance and ticket outbound). Now I have no worries 🙂

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