June 14, 2024


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Dzul Satay Peel Road 2015

There are two famous Peel Road satay stalls. One is at the Queens Hotel and another one is called Dzul Satay (next to Convent Peel Road). The story of this two satay stalls go way back decades ago when Dzul is located at the opposite of the Queens Hotel and at the former location of Shell petrol station. If not mistaken, they had to relocate when the former petrol station built on that side decades ago.
dzul peel road satay stall
I still visit both satay stalls from time to time. The second last time I visited Dzul, it was not impressive but I revisited the stall again last month. You cannot blame my craze on satay as it is really good food when you find the right ones.

As usual, Dzul Satay stall is packed. A piece of satay (chicken or beef) is RM 0.80 per piece now.
dzul peel road satay burning
I didn’t order the beef satay this time and only the chicken satay. It didn’t disappoint me unlike my previous visit. The chicken satay is properly marinated and cooked to perfection.
dzul peel road chicken satay
The gravy is spicy, thick and flavourful. I had three bowls of the gravy as it is so good. Always remember to eat the onions and cucumbers as it helps for the digestion and “internal cooling” naturally.

Dzul Satay Peel Road is back to business and I will definitely come back again. Call them for bulk order and cut the waiting.

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Dzul Satay Peel Road Address, Telephone and GPS:

No 41, Jalan Peel

Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 019 2760490 (Man)

GPS: 3.131295, 101.721742


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