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Madras Lane Yong Tau Fu

It is funny when you stay in Kuala Lumpur and you revisit some of the better food stalls after three years. This is how long the last time I ate at Madras Lane Yong Tau Fu. It was late 2012 and recently, I revisited this yong tau fu (stuffed beancurd) stall.
madras lane food court
The Madras Lane is located at Penjaja Gallery Jalan Tun H.S. Lee near Petaling Street or China Town. There are many food stalls in this food court/ back lane. You don’t get the best view or even the best hygiene in this place but this is the real street food in Kuala Lumpur (KL). This is how it is in KL!
madras lane yong tau fu price
There is only one yong tau fu stall here and three curry noodle stalls. You have to seat behind the yong tau fu stall or else you get kicked out or do I ask when you get seated. Tables are limited and competition is fiery.
madras lane yong tau fu stall
Three years ago, yong tau fu was RM 1.00 per piece and as in 2015, it is RM 1.20 per piece. The size of the yong tau fu still remains the same, the price hike is expected as food cost increased by heaps in this few years.
madras lane yong tau fu foo chook
You have to endure the heat during lunch hours and trust me you will sweat. The good thing is the yong tau fu is still good. It is freshly made daily and it is still tasty as it is. They have quite a good variety of choices, taufu, bittergourd, chili, foo chook, taufupok, lady’s finger, brinjal and many more. All of them are stuffed with minced pork and fish (with hints of salted fish) and that’s why it is called yong tau fu. KL’s version is compliment with sweet sauce and chilli sauce.
madras lane yong tau fu bitter gourd
Don’t hate yourself for ordering the second plate and do hate yourself for queuing up again to reorder.

Many rated this as the best yong tau fu in KL but I don’t dare to say it is the best but probably one of the better ones. Look around other stalls as the chee cheong fun, curry noodle and cendol is something you should consider to order as well.

Will come back again but not another three years wait probably.

This is not a sponsored post.

Madras Lane Yong Tau Fu Petaling Street Address and GPS:

Jalan Bandar 22 off Jalan Petaling

GPS: 3.143497, 101.697314

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