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May King Lam Mee Pudu 2015

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May King Lam Mee Pudu 2015

You need no introduction for May King Pudu, probably the most popular lam mee restaurant in Klang Valley. Located at 38, Jalan Yew in Pudu, the restaurant has been there for decades and packed daily for selling their famous lam mee.
may king pudu
I wrote a simple review on the restaurant six years ago in 2009 and I revisited the restaurant a few days. I went with a group of my friends and managed to get a table before noon. After noon, the restaurant is packed with customers and the queue built up on the outside of the restaurant. This is   common sight of May King during peak hours.


Chicken Hor Fun
may king chicken kuey teow soup
My friend ordered the chicken hor fun as he wasn’t feeling well. The bowl of chicken hor fun comes with generous amount of shredded chicken and prawns. The broth is clear and tasty and this is as good as it looks.


Lam Mee
may king lam mee
Their version of lam mee comes with thick sauce, starchy and a little bit salty for my tasting. It is the same taste for decades. Thus, it didn’t come with a boiled egg but not missing the usual shredded chicken, prawn with thick yellow noodles and topped with chopped spring onions. This is really good and they only offer one size only. (same goes to the chicken hor fun).


Stuffed Tofu
may king yong tau fu
For side orders, they are popular with their pork meat balls but we ordered the stuffed tofu (beancurd). Minimum order of two pieces if not mistaken and this is not too bad.


Fried Dumplings
may king fried dumplings
Lastly, we also ordered fried dumplings. Fried to perfection and each bites of crackling sound of the crispy dumpling skin will not disappoint. It is addictive actually.

After so many years, May King still maintains their quality in delivering top notch lam mee. It didn’t disappoint us at all and a revisit is not too far away.

This is not a sponsored meal.


May King Lam Mee Pudu Address:

38, Jalan Yew, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Phone:03-9222 3740

GPS: 3.133627, 101.716450

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