June 6, 2023

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Bangkok 36th International Motorshow 2015 Subaru Models

Last year I went to the Bangkok International Motorshow 2014 for the first time and it was an eye opener. This year, I couldn’t make it to the motorshow but I have friends who share some of the pictures of the event.

The Bangkok 36th International Motorshow 2015 is held at Challenger, Impact Muang Thong Thani Exhibition Center. It is one of the largest motorshows in the world. This year it is held from 25th March to 5th April 2015.

One of the highlights of this annual motorshow is the car models. With the help and consent of Ruddie Khaw, a long time motorshow photographer and journalist, he took a few of the car models of car manufacturer, Subaru.

Most of the models are local Thais and they are highly paid for the motorshow annually. Pictures are copyright of  Ruddie Khaw

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