February 9, 2023

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Samsung NX1 120FPS Slow Motion Video Test

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Samsung NX1 120 FPS Slow Motion Video Test

Samsung NX1 is the most exciting mirrorless camera ever in the market right now and the best camera produced by the Korean company. I managed to loan the camera for two trips, South Korea and Thailand.

I made of mistake of not taking 4K videos in Seoul but I took all videos in Thailand in 4K video. Before doing this 120 fps slow motion video test, I took some fireworks 4K videos and spotted some problems.

The normal class 10 SD Card is not fast enough for 4K videos. The writing speed is not fast enough for 4K videos. For that reason, I invested in a new UHS 64GB to capture 4K videos.

At first I wanted to take slow motion video test on fast moving objects but later on I changed my mind. I spotted beautiful waves at Koh Hin Ngam Island hitting the rocky beach so why not do a slow motion video test on that?

The setting is on Full HD 1080 on 120FPS and on speed mode I selected is the slowest. Please select 4K in Youtube to check out the clarity of the video. This is the RAW video unedited but converted from the H.265 codec.

The camera is running on the new HEVC (H.265) codec, a newer codec and better than the conventional H.264 codec. However, since they are the innovators, popular video editing software like Final Cut Pro and Premier Pro are not compatible with this new codec. Thus, Samsung offers new conversion software but it is a hassle. For quality, you have to compensate with the rendering time but I am very sure that the codec will be widely accepted soon. It is just the matter of time.

So far, the camera has been very impressive. The difference between Samsung NX 30 and NX 1 is so vast. The improvement of ISO and quality is outstanding. You can feel it with its new more solid and heavier body. It feels like a mini DSLR and to be frank it is hard to take selfie with this camera.

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