May 21, 2024


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Betong Wet Market  

This is not an attraction but a place that you may consider for groceries shopping. If you are planning to visit Betong and looking for some good real deal you should visit the Betong Wet Market.

Betong is located in Yala province of Southern Thailand and it is only within an hour of driving from the Pengkalan Hulu Immigration (Perak) and one of the most popular border towns in Thailand.
betong market building
I have listed the GPS coordinate of the wet market below as I can’t find the street name on Google Map.

The architecture of the building is similar to other wet markets in Thailand, most notable the Hatyai one.
betong market fruits
You can find many local produce fruits at very reasonable price. For the quality of the fruits, you have to try it and you will know the quality.
betong market small pineapples
One of the most popular fruits in Thailand is this mini size pineapple. They are probably the sweetest pineapples ever you tasted. To be fair, the sweetness is similar with Sarawak pineapples. This mini size pineapple might look small but full of flavours. They are very popular in Hatyai and selling at 50 Baht each but it should cheaper in the market.
betong market old shop
You can find small stalls within the market. Walk around and you will find small stalls like this. Many old shops in Malaysia look like this but it is rare to find one in cities like Kuala Lumpur.
betong market nuts
Nuts are cheap in Thailand. Peanuts, almonds and cashew nuts are the best buy. Cashew nuts is the most popular of all, some of them are sold with different flavours.
betong market vegetable stalls
I am not sure whether it is good idea to buy vegetables back from the market but I do have a few friends who enjoyed buying vegetables in this market.

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Betong Wet Market  GPS: 5.77361, 101.07093


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