October 17, 2021

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Namtok Wang Sai Thong Waterfall Satun

This is one of the main reasons I travelled to Satun lately. I missed this waterfall during my visit to Satun in 2013 and this time I had the opportunity to visit this waterfall.

Satun is a province in Southern Thailand bordering Malaysia state Perlis. It is easily accessible by car via Wang Kelian Border Point. Satun has a vast population of Muslims which is around 85% and most of them can speak Malay. Satun is also blessed with its dense rainforest and it is an ideal place for eco-tourism.
namtok wang sai thong waterfall wide shot
I travelled to the whole Southern Thailand in this few years and I visited many waterfalls. To be frank, namtok (waterfall) Wang Sai Thong is one of the best so far.
namtok wang sai thong waterfall road sign
I have enclosed the GPS coordinate at the bottom of this story to make it easier for travellers to visit this waterfall. There is a huge parking lot in this area and it is best to visit this place via car or hire a van. There is also a huge sign board in Thai which probably says Namtok Wang Sai Thong.
namtok wang sai thong waterfall in the forest
The waterfall is located next to the parking lot and it is a cascading waterfall in the jungle. There are pathway that leads to the waterfall and since it is a cascading waterfall, you can climb up to the top.

Of course, I am not that adventurous breed who will climb all the way up but I still manage to capture a few shots of the waterfall in a few different angles.

Due to the hot weather, the water from the mountain is lesser so the waterfall doesn’t look as good as its best.
namtok wang sai thong waterfall close up
Just becareful with the floors of the waterfall as it is very slippery. Make sure you wear something with grip and flip flop is not advisable.

This waterfall is located at the north of Satun in between Trang and Phatthalung and it takes a while if you are traveling from the town.
namtok wang sai thong waterfall cascade
Please plan your journey well as visiting this waterfall from town and back will take a couple of hours. It is best to make this stop a pit stop in between Satun town to Phatthalung or Trang.

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Namtok Wang Sai Thong Waterfall Satun GPS Coordinate:

7.090819, 99.909221

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