February 7, 2023

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Tim Ho Wan New Seasonal Dim Sum

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Tim Ho Wan New Seasonal Dim Sum

From March 8th, there will be new three dim sum introduced at Tim Ho Wan Malaysia for two months. These are seasonal menu introduced by Tim Ho Wan’s chefs.

They are Signature Five Treasures, Steamed Chicken with Fish Maw and Crystal Shrimp Roll with Century Egg. The names might be very auspicious but wait till you taste them.


龙凤酿五宝 Signature Five Treasures (RM 12.50)

龙凤酿五宝 Signature Five Treasures

Signature 5 Treasures is created and exclusively available in Mid Valley. This irresistible savoury combines silky bean curd, deep fried tofu, capsicum and eggplant generously stuffed with shrimps and chicken paste accompanied by its Chef’s Signature, black bean sauce.

In my opinion this is a fusion of Malaysia’s favourite “yong tau fu” and dim sum. Each and single dim sum is generously coated with black bean sauce and this healthy and colourful serving is enjoyable.


北菇棉花鸡Steamed Chicken with Fish Maw (RM 12.50)

北菇棉花鸡Steamed Chicken with Fish Maw

This is probably one of the most unique dim sum ever. It is the combination of steamed chicken and fish maw. Fish maw is usually cooked in soup and dishes with pork and vegetables but in dim sum, it is a first.

I enjoyed the steamed to perfection chicken with fresh mushroom and fish maw in abalone sauce. The taste is simple and yet delicious.


水晶松花虾卷Crystal Shrimp Roll with Century Egg (RM 12.50)

水晶松花虾卷Crystal Shrimp Roll with Century Egg

This is another innovative dim sum by Tim Ho Wan. It is the combination of shrimp paste, asparagus, fish roe and century egg that are enveloped in crystal-clear rice dumpling skin and drenched in abalone sauce.

For a person like me who dislikes century egg, I enjoyed this very much. I loved the different texture of this dim sum and the bits of fish roe is like the icing on top of the cake.

Tim Ho Wan’s three new dim sums are delectable. In my opinion, the Signature Five Treasures is flavourful while the rest are lighter in taste. It all depends on how strong is your taste palates.

Tim Ho Wan Mid Valley restaurant offers two storey of dining experience. Do you know you can book a VIP table on the second level of Tim Ho Wan for RM 38 per room and minimum spending of RM 50 per person? This fine dining experience is only available in Mid Valley outlet and it is the first outlet of Tim Ho Wan to adapt this new concept. You will get luxury dining pieces, softer music, better service and same quality of dim sum.

Tim Ho Wan set to open its second outlet in Malaysia very soon so stay tuned.

This is a sponsored post.

Tim Ho Wan Mid Valley Address:

27-G, Ground Floor, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City (opposite Coach Outlet and Starbucks Mid Valley)



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