April 13, 2021

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Gourmet Adventure with Chef Wan in Western Australia

Imagine traveling in a gourmet adventure with Chef Wan in Western Australia. It wasn’t an imagination as I travelled with Chef Wan last November with twenty of his fans to one of the best places in Australia, Western Australia.

How do I describe Chef Wan?

He is the most popular and talented chef in Malaysia. Thus, he is also the food ambassador of Malaysia. He made his first appearance on national TV in Malaysia in 1980s. He made his name with his easy and comedic cooking show and captured the hearts of the millions. Then, he moved on to Asian Food Channel a couple years ago and now he is in National Geographic. He is one of the funniest celebrity chefs around the world and outspoken too.

Before this trip, I met Chef Wan in a few food events and I was invited to dine in his house too by Asian Food Channel a few years ago. He is one of the celebrities who are down to earth and very approachable too.

The Gourmet Adventure with Chef Wan is initiated by Tourism Western Australia with PNL Travel and Holiday Tours from Malaysia. This is the first gourmet tour with Chef Wan to Australia and it was a hit. There were more than twenty fans participated in this 6D 4N Gourmet Adventure with Chef Wan.

Gourmet Adventure with Chef Wan in Western Australia Day One

Day one is basically flying from Kuala Lumpur to Perth Australia. I met the entourage in KLIA and there are also fans from Singapore. We will meet together in Perth.

We took MH 125 from Kuala Lumpur to Perth and reached there in the evening. The flight was around 5 hour and 30 min and the weather was cooling in Perth. It was a pleasant flight with Malaysia Airlines, no complains.


Everyone took an early rest as Day Two everyone will start the adventure with Chef Wan. We stayed at Pan Pacific Hotel Perth.

 Click at the numbers for Day 2,3,4 and 5!

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