January 31, 2023

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Top 3 Treehouse Hotels in Malaysia

Decades ago, many Westerners think that Malaysians live on the tree. At that time, I still remember my parents’ German friends said that many Europeans think that we live on top of the trees.

We don’t live on trees from day one but if they do intend to stay on top of the tree, I have listed three threehouse hotels in Malaysia.

To be frank, I never stayed on the tree before but I am sure I will stay at one of these three treehouse hotels one day. After doing some research on Agoda.com, I have compiled three treehouse hotels in the country.

1.Terra’s Tree House Cameron Highlands

The first one is located in Cameron Highlands, Terra’s Tree  house is a budget hotel located deep in the rainforest jungle of Brinchang. To be exact it is located near the farmland area of Sungai Mensun.

To stay in this hotel, you will need to take a 4×4 wheel ride (provided by the hotel) to go into the jungle, how cool is that.

The hotel is authentic “Orang Asli” (aborigine) house converted to tree houses. It comes with electricity and bathroom.

To stay in this hotel, you will be provided organic food and you have to cook yourself for breakfast and dinner. If you are in love with nature, you try to live here like Tarzan.

This is really a back to the nature type of experience that you should at least once in the lifetime.

Book at:Terra’s Tree House Cameron Highlands

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