May 29, 2024


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2.Permai Rainforest Resort Kuching

The second treehouse hotel is located in East Malaysia, Kuching Sarawak. It is called the Permai Rainforest Resort Kuching and it is not a budget hotel like the first one.
permai rainforest treehouse
Permai Rainforest Resort is an eco-resort located 25 km away from Kuching. It is located on the shores of the South China Set and set foot at the mystical Mount Santubong. As it is an eco-resort, many of its facilities offer a unique rainforest experience and that includes the swimming pool in the jungle.
permai rainforest swimming pool in the forest
I was at this resort a few years ago and surprised to see the tree house hotels. At that time, I spotted quite a few tourists in this resort.
permai rainforest treehouse room
If you are planning to visit Kuching, do consider to staying in this resort. There are restaurants and beach in this resort.

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