October 1, 2023


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Chatuchak Weekend Market Coconut Ice Cream

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Chatuchak Weekend Market Coconut Ice Cream

If you have been to Bangkok, you should know or at least heard of Chatuchak. Chatuchak is the world’s largest weekend market and you can buy almost everything in this weekend market and it is quite impossible to venture the whole market within a day.
chatuchak market bangkok
The market is a popular place for locals and tourists. It is easily accessible via public transportation such as BTS Train and MRT Subway.
chatuchak jj coconut ice cream stall
Many will go for shopping while some will go to stock up. Some of us while waiting for our girlfriends or wife shopping, we will look for the street food. It is like a food fest here.
chatuchak jj coconut ice cream with facebook
One of the popular street food is the coconut ice cream. There are a few of them but the one I tried is called Coconut Ice Cream JJ. The stall is located in front of Perfect Combination boutique near MRT Kampaeng Phet Station Exit 2.

I forgot how much I paid for my coconut ice cream, probably around 30 baht? You get to choose your condiments for the coconut ice cream for extras. I stick it with crunched peanuts. It is a blessing enjoying coconut ice cream during a hot day in Chatuchak. In case you notice, most of the stalls and shops in Chatuchak or Bangkok have their own Facebook Pages. Even a small ice cream stall like this has their own Facebook Page. Social media is king now, not past or future but now. Loved the ice cream and you can visit them at https://www.facebook.com/CoconutIcecreamjj Please bear in mind there are a few coconut ice cream stalls in Chatuchak, this is just one of them!


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