February 9, 2023

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Lima Belas Tingkat Hee Kiaw Yong Tau Fu Semabok Melaka

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Lima Belas Tingkat Hee Kiaw Yong Tau Fu Semabok Melaka

We wrote about Top Ten Food in Melaka some time ago and in our recent trip to Melaka, there is something new that many have not discovered. It is called Hee Kiaw Noodle or some called it Hee Kiew Noodle. Hee Kiaw is fish paste and it has been around in Melaka for some time. Only a few stalls were selling it and recently I found a new shop serving this unique fish paste noodle.

The name is called Lima Belas Tingkat Yong Tau Hu and it is located at 143 Jalan SP 1 Taman Semabok Perdana Melaka. The GPS coordinate is below and this is not a popular tourist area and only the locals know about this place. Hidden you might call it and we went there a few weeks ago to try this Hee Kiew noodle.

Before I wrote this, I did some research and the Hee Kiew comes in two colours, the usual white colour fish paste and the orange colour fish paste. Lima Belas Tingkat comes with orange colour fish paste Hee Kiew. We ordered the dry Hee Kiew noodle and you can tell from the picture, there is no dark soy sauce and it is very light. The taste is very light and you can taste the fish paste and balls very well. This version of dry noodle is not similar to Kuala Lumpur’s flavourful dark version of dry noodle. We believe not many people can accept this kind of taste. You will think the taste is bland. Bland or not bland, the fish paste needs a good mention and you can’t expect everything is flavourful. However, I still believe this is worth the try at least for once, maybe you enjoy the lightness of this noodle? Small portion noodle sells at RM 4 and large portion priced at RM 4.50.

The restaurant offers yong tau hu or yong tau fu, priced at RM 0.70 per piece. They use only fish paste unlike the Kuala Lumpur’s version that mixed a bit of pork and salted fish.

The result, the taste is lighter and you can taste the springy texture of the fish paste.

Their pork balls are imported from Taiwan and it is one of the top sellers. The taste of the pork balls is good and they are the first to sell out.

The fried foo chook is another top seller. Foo Chook deep fried to perfection with crispy skin and with the fish paste wrapped inside. You can’t go wrong with fried food.

The owner is a friendly guy and this is a small family business. The locals enjoy their food as you can see their restaurant is always packed. This is something you can try, something new, something not you often read about and something light and healthy.

Pictures are captured with HTC M8 and this is not a sponsored post.

Lima Belas Tingkat Hee Kiaw Yong Tau Fu Opening Hour:

Wed – Sun: 7 am to 1.45pm

Mon & Tue: Closed

Lima Belas Tingkat Hee Kiaw Yong Tau Fu Address and GPS:

143 Jalan SP 1 Taman Semabok Perdana Melaka

GPS: 2.199499, 102.274159

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