May 21, 2024


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Cheras Famous BBQ Pork Ribs Wantan Mee

Recently, I went back to one of my favourite wantan mee stalls in Cheras. This is the one which is popular with its BBQ Pork ribs Wantan Mee. The stall is called Lam Kee and it is located in Jalan Bunga Mawar 2, Taman Muda.
lam kee wantan mee taman muda
I wrote about this stall before last year and I went back again for lunch. It was the first day of GST and it was very quiet. I will not believe GST will affect food stalls like this as the owner didn’t raise his food prices or charge GST.
lam kee pork ribs wantan mee

A plate of wantan mee is reasonably charged around RM5.50 to RM 6 if not mistaken, with pork ribs and generous amount of wantan in the bowl.
lam kee wantan mee
I always ordered a small extra plate of char siew sauce. It is used to compliment the BBQ pork ribs. The taste of the wantan mee is good and I always enjoy those gorgeous BBQ pork ribs.

It is nothing fancy but stomach warming food. Their home cooked soya bean drink is recommended too.

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Lam Kee Taman Muda Address, Tel and GPS:

Jalan Bunga Mawar 2,

Taman Muda, Cheras,

Selangor Malaysia

Tel: 012-695 7741

GPS: 3.118591, 101.761629

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