January 31, 2023

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Dutch Lady Nutri Plan and 5X DHA Formulated Milk Powder for Children Launch

Last month, Dutch Lady Malaysia launched its new improved formulated milk powder for children and organised a Smart Milestone event. It was on 18th April at Sunway Convention Centre with family members.

As a parent, I feel that that Dutch Lady did a great job creating such event for parents to know more about their child.

During the event, parents experienced an experiential walk through for different milestones and enjoy the activities to understand the important milestones that children go through as they grow.

We often feel and think we are doing it right as a parent but we never really understand our children. Thus during the event, parents go thru stages such as:

–             Curious Stage (vision development) – Playing bubbles, create shadows

–             Explore Stage (natural body resistance) – Outdoor activities

–             Create Stage (creativity) – drawing, playing with sand, create building/items with boxes

–             Learn Stage (focus & memory) – spot the different, milk magic and simple mathematics

Click the leaflet below for the full explanation and description of the important stages for our children.

The event is a fruitful event for parents especially for first time parent like me, I learnt a lot by experiencing the stages a child goes through.

Other activities during the consumer launch

  • Meet and greet session with Mia Sara
  • Milk counter to try the newly improved Dutch Lady Formulated Milk Powder for Children
  • Colouring activities
  • Lucky Draw
  • Join Dutch Lady Moms Club to enjoy brand new rewards – including an insurance plan tailored for your child’s education

I strongly agree that Dutch Lady should organize more of such events to educate parents and to get parents to involve with their child. This is a very good initiative by Dutch Lady Malaysia.

To understand and find out how can parents support their child’s development:

–      Dr Alvin Ng – https://youtu.be/hq9S2LrrF9k

–      Prof Dr Poh Bee Koon – https://youtu.be/9EDs7kPttJA

–      Dr Yong Junina Fadzil – https://youtu.be/9EDs7kPttJA


About new improved Dutch Lady formulated milk powder for children, please log on to

–      Website: http://www.smartmoments.com.my/

–      Facebook: Dutch Lady Moms Club (https://www.facebook.com/DutchLady.SmartMoments)


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