May 19, 2024


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Lundang to Newcastle Malaysia Airlines Video

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Lundang to Newcastle Malaysia Airlines Video

We blogged about the preview of Lundang to Newcastle Malaysia Airlines video last week and  since it premiered on its official Youtube channel, the video is closing in for three hundred thousand views.
lundang to newcastle
The 8 minutes clip plays a love story between two youngsters who are staying miles apart. It is one of those long distance relationships. The title “Lundang to Newcastle” means the love story between Aadil, a UK-born Malaysian in Newcastle and Nik from Lundang Kota Bahru. Even though they are having a long distance relationship, their love is still strong.
lundang to newcastle aadil
I enjoyed the short film. It is simple, it is inspiring and it is honest. You can tell when Aadil started to tear up in the video and I love the cinematography of the short film. This is another great short film created by Malaysia Airlines for social media.
lundang to newcastle nik
This love story reminds of my younger brother who had a long distance relationship with his girlfriend (wife now). My brother used to stay in Los Angeles while his girlfriend stayed in Malaysia. They had long distance relationship for years and finally they got married. Now, they formed a family of four staying in Canada. Long distance relationship works in reality and Malaysia Airlines reminds us to love your love ones wherever they are.

With so much negative news on social media platforms sometimes we forgot to love our love ones. Lundang to Newcastle is not just a romantic short film but it reminds us the importance of love.

Thank you Malaysia Airlines.




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