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Adidas Mid End Clearance Sale Viva Expo Hall May 2015

Adidas Mid End Clearance Sale is happening at Viva Expo Hall from 28th to 31st May 2015 from 10 am to 7pm, 4 Days ONLY! The clearance sale or people love to call it the warehouse sale today at Viva Expo Hall in Viva Home Shopping Mall in Cheras Kuala Lumpur.
Since we blogged about their crazy last year’s Adidas Year End Sales, this year the crowd is getting more. The queue started as early as 8 am and this year there are more security guards doing the crowd control in a very professional way.
Adidas 2015 Mid Year Sale Queue Up
I went there at 9.45am and I queued for almost 20 minutes. I bumped onto many people who came here for Raya shopping and some even took leave for this sale. Sounds crazy? This is reality and this is the biggest post GST sale in Kuala Lumpur.
adidas sale price list

Adidas 2015 Mid Year Sale more shoes
This year, the sale is well prepared. There are three sections; men, women and children.
Adidas 2015 Mid Year Sale men shoes
Shoe sizes are separated now so you don’t need to find sizes in the stack of shoes. Men sizes start from US Size 4 and above and separated in different areas and trays.
Adidas 2015 Mid Year Sale men apparel
Apparel sizes also separated with different sizes of S,M,L,XL and 2XL. Each size is located in different sections.
Adidas 2015 Mid Year Sale women apparel
I find that women section comes with more stock than last year and more design too.
Adidas 2015 Mid Year Sale kids
There is still stock for the sale but the variety of choices might be limited except they really keep the good ones for the last two days.
Adidas 2015 Mid Year Sale no GST
Prices are slightly higher than last year. Men shoes are now RM 109 instead or RM 99 and there are increment of RM 5 to RM 10 probably for GST. There are no additional charges for GST for this sale.

There is sorting area as well the payment area is well sorted out. There are more than a dozen of payment counters.
Adidas 2015 Mid Year Sale payment
Well, the crowd is crazy and many were shopping for Raya clothes but I just went there to shop for my family especially my kids.

This is another crazy sale by Adidas Malaysia and happy shopping.

This is not a sponsored post.

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