March 22, 2023

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G-Shock Collector Thailand by Todd Piti Launching Party

Earlier this month, there is a very special party happened in Bangkok. It is the G-Shock Collector Thailand by Todd Piti Launching Party. I didn’t manage to go as I was in Taipei but we have someone who travelled there too and she is Jean. Pictures and story is by Jean and you can read her experience at

The event was held at Demo club, one of the popular clubs in Bangkok.

G-Shock collectors community has been around in Thailand for years due to its popularity. I had a couple of G-Shock and Baby G too during my high school days but somehow I lost it many years ago.

Thus, if you are a G-Shock collector, you will want to be in this event or want to have the limited edition G-Shocks that unveiled in the event.


Mr. Piti Bhirom Bhakdi , Managing Director of Boon Rawd Trading Co.,Ltd., Thailand’s number one beer producer producing Singha Beer and Leo Beer, himself who has been a big fan of G-Shock since his early age, has also been a well known G-Shock Collector in Thailand. Mr. Piti initiates a project to create a custom-design G-Shock collection for the community to collect. The collection comprises of 3 designs

  1. Hanuman (the Hindu monkey god)
  2. Red Singha (red mythical Lion)
  3. Thai Kite

These 3 designs element have been regarded as the company symbol in the past 82 years of establishment.

Therefore, these 3 design elements have been received high interests from Thai G-Shock collector. The collection is produced for 100 sets or 300 G-Shock watches. The event will be treated as a social function for Thai G-Shock collectors to have chance to meet and exchange their love towards G-Shock of their preferences.


According to Jean, there are many other G-Shocks on display. Most of them are customised G-Shocks!


This is another rare beauty, don’t you love the gold?

This version is customized by Varitnan Chantansewee and it comes in a tastefully done box.


This is another cool G-shock on display.


This white G-Shock should looks good for girls.



This pair set of G-Shock Collection is so striking, sadly there are not available in Malaysia.


This is another beauty.


Personally, I love this design. Simple and yet elegant in a way. I love the white and striking blue colour in this masterpiece.


More pictures from the event.


Hello girls!


The group photo that marks the end of the entertaining G-Shock event. For most G-Shock fans, they will be having “G-Shock” hangovers that night.

The night is still young and the event is completed by the range of Singha available.

Thank you Jean for helping to cover the event and also thanks for her pictures. I would love to get one of the limited edition G-Shocks but all of them are sold out.
Check out G-Shock Collector Thailand at

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