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Penang Hometown Recipe San Peng

There is a new place for Penang food in San Peng Pudu and it called Penang Hometown Recipe. It is located at the former San Peng Yong Tau Fu at Jalan San Peng in between the popular expensive chicken rice stall and the Hindu temple.
penang hometown recipe san peng
It is a roadside stall and they offer authentic Penang cuisine and some other food as well. It is usually packed during lunch time and parking is available at the LRT station or you want to park at the road shoulders illegally like others.
penang hometown recipe san peng menu
There are more than 20 items in their menu. Most of them are popular Penang food and prices start at RM 5.50 (no GST). My mother loves to eat here and she sings praises on the food here so I went there a few days ago with my family.

Penang White Curry (RM 5.50)
penang hometown recipe san peng white curry
Now, how often can you find this Penang White Curry in Kuala Lumpur? The bowl of goodness comes with two large prawns, pig coagulate, “taufupok” (fried beancurd), “siham” (cockles), beansprouts and crowned with mint leaves. The taste is good and I don’t mind the generous amount of ingredients in the bowl of Penang White Curry.

Dry Char Hor Fun (RM7)
penang hometown recipe san peng dry hor fun
Their version of dry char hor fun means stir fried hor fun (rice noodle) means least moist and more “wok hei” (wok heat). They use large hor fun with two large prawns and fish balls and topped with fried shallots. This is definitely for hor fun lovers.

Penang Char Kuey Teow (RM 6)
penang hometown recipe san peng char kuey teow
The Penang Char Kuey Teow is awesome. How often you see Penang Char Kuey Teow comes with two large prawns, stir fried to perfection, generous amount of “siham” and chopped “lap cheong” (Chinese sausage). You can taste the “Wok hei” (wok heat) and definitely worth to come just for this and this is only RM 6, better than many overrated Char Kuey Teow in shopping mall restaurants.

Penang Hometown Recipe Location and GPS:

Jalan San Peng
Pudu, 55200
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 0135219688
GPS: 3 08.038, 101 42.711

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