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Maiton Island Day Tour with Love Andaman

Phuket Island is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. There are plenty of direct flights from Malaysia to the beautiful island. The usual activities include shopping, food, massage and island hopping.

Many Malaysians love to visit Phi Phi Island. Phi Phi Island or Koh Phi Phi has been a tourism destination for decades and it is no secret that it could be crowded during peak season which is from October to April.
maiton island scenery
If you plan to look for a real island for getaway, you should consider Maiton Island. Maiton Island has been around for years but due to change of ownership, the island has been vacated for years and only recently, it is opened again for tourists but for selected tour operators. Love Andaman is the sole tour operator that provides day tour to Maiton Island.
maiton island rawai pier check in
The island is located off the east of Phuket and the port of departure is at Rawai Pier. When you book with Love Andaman, they will included pick up from your hotel* to the pier and back.
maiton island rawai pier snacks
At the port, you need to check in and they will give you an arm band and you will be served with drinks and snacks at the check in area. Coffee and tea is served with snacks for all their customers.
maiton island love andaman speed boat
From Rawai Port, it takes only 15 minutes to reach Maiton Island on the speed boat. Thus, this island tour is very suitable for everyone as it is only a short distance from the shore.
maiton island speed boat love andaman wefie
One thing I noticed about this speedboat is comfort. They donโ€™t cramp passengers in the speed boat unlike other tours and as I was told that they have five speed boats for Maiton Island only. Hence, comfort is part of their motto.

For those who are not keen with snorkelling, they will drop the passengers to the island where they can relax or chill on the island. Maiton Island is a private island and Love Andaman is the only tour available. You wonโ€™t get hundreds or thousands of visitors here but only a couple of dozens.
maiton island diving near the wall kai
Usually there are a few spots of snorkelling area. One is off the beach and one is near the jetty. The one near the jetty is the better spot but do speak to the tour operator for advice as sea waves differ from time to time.
maiton island private swimming pool
After snorkelling, I swam to the shore where there is a private building with restaurant and swimming pool reserved for the tour customers.
maiton island snacks
The beauty is of Love Andaman tour is the service and the food. You can order drinks like coffee, colas, juices and ice blended drinks. Yes, this is all free of charge all in inclusive. They will charge you for beers only.

Before lunch, they will serve snacks and coffee. Again, it is complimentary. My advice is to wait for lunch and it will surprise you.
maiton island buffet lunch
Lunch is not lunch boxes unlike those island tours in Krabi, Koh Lipe or Phi Phi Island. You get buffet lunch specially made for you, no other guests.
maiton island grilled seafood
On top of that, there is BBQ Seafood. They serve BBQ squids and prawns. It is not just a plate or two, they serve a huge tray of BBQ squids and prawns. You can eat as much as you want and they will be happy if you can finish them.

You look carefully there are many staffs working on the island and they will come and ask you if you need anything.
maiton island ice chocolate blended drinks
You can refill your food and your drinks until the time is up to leave the island. You wonโ€™t get short of food but worry that you might over stuff. I almost forgot that they serve free ice creams too.
maiton island kayaking
Of course, there are activities on the island such as kayaking and hiking to the viewpoint. To go up to the viewpoint, it takes around 15 minutes of slow walk.
maiton island jetty
You get to see three different provinces at the view point, Phang Nga, Phuket and Krabi.
maiton island sunbathing
If you love the sun and the white sandy beach, you can always chill on the beach, swim or sunbathing.
maiton island family outing
Most couples and friends are bumaiton island chilling with drinksy snapping pictures and taking selfies or wefies (group selfies).

I enjoyed myself chilling at the restaurant area and enjoy the view and the breeze of the wind. You can definitely find peace here with privacy here.
maiton island scenery
Maiton Island is popular with locals and foreigners. It is a private island so there are limited numbers of visitors to the island every day.
maiton island love andaman
Love Andaman tour to Maiton Island is about top notch service, quality and good food. I love how they serve snacks at the pier as well as the generosity of their food servings and quality on Maiton Island. ย They are by far is the best island tour operator in my experience in Thailand or probably in Asia.

English and Russian speaking guides are available and check out their website at LoveAndaman.com for more information.

This tour is sponsored by LoveAndaman.com

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  1. The view is amazing and it looks like such a lovely place to go ๐Ÿ™‚ The water looks so crystal clear too – it must have been such fun!

  2. Love Andaman tour to Maiton Island are very enjoyable trip for family ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t know about a very beautiful Maiton Island, but the Love Andaman website only have language Thailand, there are getting the English language ?

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