February 23, 2024


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Malaysia gets DTT Digital Terrestrial TV

I still remember the days when I search for TV channels in old analogue TV and my dad will move the antenna when a picture is spotted. To boost the analogue signal, Booster is purchased for clearer sharper picture. That was way before Astro when TV is still in the form of a box and that’s why they called it idiot box.

Things will change soon, very soon actually. There will be no more analogue TV signals and Malaysians embrace yourself for a brand new digital TV experience.
It is called DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) and it will be introduced widely here in Malaysia very soon. DTT will be one of the must-have functions all the new TV shipped into Malaysia as it will be widely adopted here in Malaysia.

Currently we are using the ATT (Analogue Terrestrial Television) to receive free TV channel and it has limited channels, interference and snowy picture, only standard picture quality and bilingual sound.

With the new DTT, there will be more selection TV channels, no more snowy picture, High Definition Quality, multiple language sound/subtitles and on-screen TV guide

In fact, we already have Free DTT provider from Astro but the receiver is via Satellite dish instead of aerial.

According to source, Malaysia government will be giving out some set-top-box to selected public to try this pilot project in these few months starting Jun 2015.

Finally, Malaysians will enjoy FREE HD TV Channels but remember you still need TV with DTT capabilities for full functions.

Introduction to Digital Terrestrial Television in Malaysia

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Story souce: TheIdealMobile and Amanz

You can read more about DTT by SKMM 

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